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Edward Elric
Age 16
Race Human
Bio I'm Edward Elric the fullmetal alchemist!

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Hey it's Edward here #Update I'm gonna leave for a while and stuff so peace!

Nappa throws Oni into the Rejuvination Chamber then pushes his Scouter to contact Goku

Job's done, Sir.

name.dark star 1
gender. male
age. 17
race.dark stars

Name: Gio "The Rebel" Simmer
Gender: M
Age: 24
Race: Saiyan
Personality: Serious, fun, mysterious, heroic.
Appearance: Same hair as Goku, Bardock, and Turles, Black and Red Saiyan Armor with Piccolo's training weights, and a Red Scouter, even though he can sense Power Levels.
Likes: Fighting, fun, eating
Dislikes: Evil people, Frieza for one.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6'0
Abilities: Kamehameha, Energy Wave, High Speed combos, Beam Slash, Brave Storm, Galik Gun, Meteor Combination, Beam Slash, Beam Punch, Beam Kick, Energy Rush, Burning Attack.
Ultimate Attacks: Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, Super Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Super Energy Beatdown.
Transformations: Kaioken (Up to x20), False SSJ, SSJ (Mastered), ASSJ (Mastered)
Power Level: 10,000,000
Kaioken x20: 200,000,000
FSSJ: 250,000,000
SSJ: 500,000,000
ASSJ: 750,000,000
BIO: Escaped Planet Vegeta before it was blown up, and later became the leader of the Saiyan Resistance to oppose the Frost Demons. Son of Bardock and Gine Simmer.

(If you want me to lower his power let me know, he spent a lot of time training and that's why he's sort of OP.)

bursts out of tank  "It's Pattycake time!"

Oni Giri vs Nappa (Second Battle)

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Mirai Trunks
Super Trunks
Trunks Brief
Trunks of the Future
Time Patrol Trunks
Xeno Trunks
Prince Trunks (by Paragus)
Future Tranks
Tronk (Polish dub)Manga: "The Coming of King Cold"
Anime: "The Mysterious Youth"

Race1/2 Human-1/2 SaiyanMale
Age 20
Age 3 (another alternate timeline)
170 cm/5'6"
[1]60 kg/132 lbs
[1]WST 3338926
K.Sword Master[2]Z Fighters (Age 764 - 767
Time Patrol[2]Trunks (alternate timeline counterpart) (paternal grandfather)Dr. Brief (maternal grandfather)Mrs. Brief (maternal grandmother) (father)Future Bulma (mother) (aunt)[3]Tarble (uncle) (aunt)Gohan (mentor/best friend) (father) Vegeta

Animated Photo

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Name: Vegeta
Age 35
Height: 5'5
Race: Saiyn 
Weight:123 lb 
Hair color: black 
Skin color: Caucasian
Special Attacks: Galick Gun, Big-Bang Attack, Final Flash, Final Shine, and Dirty fireworks.
Super Sayin levels: 1-4
Animated Photo


Characters Name: Goku
Characters Age: 40
Characters Race: Sayian
Height: 5'9
Weight: 137 Lbs
Hair Color: Black 
Skin Color: White
Specialty: Hand to Hand and Ki
Special Attack(s): 
Kamehameha (All forms)
KaioKen (x1-x30)
Spirit Ball
Destructo Disk
Solar Flare
Instant Transmission
Fusion Dance
Ultimate Attack(s): 
Dragon Fist
Spirit Bomb


Ki Color:

Bio/Back Story:
Goku , Once the savior of Earth snapped and went on a mass rampage and slaughtered half the Earth before being stopped and killed by Vegeta who fused with Gohan. Goku was later wished back through Vegeta's wish to revive all Sayians and Planet Vegeta. Goku lead a rebellion against Vegeta and became the Commander of the Sayian Army. Along the way Goku has taken over 4 planets (Vegeta, Namek, Earth, Yardrat). Goku ended up selling his soul to the Majin Wizard, Jaekal in return for infinite power and the loss of his morals. 

Home Planet:

Power Level: 
Normal: 200K
SSJ: 40K
SSJ2: 450K
SSJ3: 1M
SSJ 4: 10M
SSJ 5: 40M
SSJG: 178M

(Don't Worry. I'm rarely a playable character. I normally am just a promo/prop guy that commands)
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