bowyzz...  so this community was set up as public which means any one can read what is going on .... i wanted to make it private so only members can read and post to it ... what are your thoughts ?

Where can we see the live score updates from Miami.. Will they be posted here or on twitter?  

Good luck!

Who's excited for TTC practices and MIAMI!! WHOOOOO!!! But also bummed that Shilpin Makwana cancelled Sargent tennis ball practice...

should we get more bucc members to communities ?

yo early adopters ... do you think its better to have a BUCC google group or a BUCC google community ?

Whats going on BUCC

Are you interested in joining MSCL this summer ?

BU Cricket community offers ability to create an event for every game and people can accept decline etc. the event is updated in your calender. 

the hangout session was great yesterday. we got a lot accomplished.
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