Greetings from Innova Solutions..!!!

We have an immediate opportunity with one of our major client. Please do email me, If you are interested in this position. Following is a description of the project.

Job Title: Senior SW engineer – Connectivity
Division: Connected Car
Location: Novi, MI
Long Term

Job Description:

Position Summary:
A Functional Owner Connectivity Senior SW engineer is responsible for analyzing, interpreting, understanding, and implementing the assigned OEM customer requirements for specific infotainment functions. In this position, the engineer will be writing software in C++ on a Linux operating system, while leading an offsite team and interfacing with a global customer.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
This position does not have direct reports, but is responsible to lead a team of offsite engineers.

Job Responsibilities:
• Responsible for coordinating the definition and building of the middleware for integrating Bluetooth, Embedded Phone, Wi-Fi and Smart Device Projection based connectivity into client’s Scalable Platform for delivering a Vehicle Infotainment Systems to OEM.
• Independently driving technology demonstrators for the projection mode features on reference platforms.
• Support in RFQ proposal activities to various groups within client on need basis
• Keep abreast of technology trends in connectivity inside vehicles
• Responsible for analyzing and understanding of the assigned Customer requirements (CRS) and change requests and for defining/documenting the resulting features in the (Technical Requirements System) TRS-SW
• Responsible for linking the CRS entries to the TRS-SW to ensure 100% CRS coverage
• Responsible for interfacing with the customer for clarification and approval of all assigned features
• Responsible for requesting the required resources necessary to implement the promised scope
• Responsible for planning the work packages for the assigned resources
• Commits what stories will be completed by the resources, when the stories will be completed, who works on each story and task
• Attends Story Grooming sessions to ensure correct Description and Acceptance Criteria of assigned features

Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Computer/Electronics Engineering or equivalent from premier institutes
• Technology Enthusiast with 5-7 years of overall work experience (Automotive infotainment domain is preferred).
• Excellent programming skills in C++, C under Linux environment is mandatory.
• Excellent OOD skills with hands on experience in designing core components.
• Experience in Designing and building large complex software in a real-time, embedded, multi-processor, multi-interface environment.
• Should be well versed with OS concepts, OO Design patterns and overview of the System level components on Linux (USB stack, drivers, etc…)
• Should be well versed with various Multi-Media components on Linux like GStreamer, SDL or equivalent 3rd party Media frameworks.
• Experience on the Phone Projection technologies which include working & integrating various 3rd party Stack solutions and protocol components (MirrorLink, CarPlay, Android Auto, etc.) are added advantages.
• Excellent problem solving skills with good experience on using system analysis and profiling tools for debugging and performance optimizations
• Excellent communication and coordination skills while working in multi-site environment.
• Experience in Apple’s technologies such as iAP protocol is an added advantage.
• Willingness to work hands-on for the development and unit test of the middleware as and when necessary.
• Experience developing and debugging C/C++ software on Linux/QNX user space applications (debugging via GDB)

Preferred Qualifications & Desired Competencies:
• Good understanding of infotainment domains
• Well organized, meticulous good at understanding the big picture.
• Strong team player with ability to handle multiple projects
• Self-motivated, results driven individual, passionate about technology.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Must be willing to travel 25% of the time.
• Willingness to submit to a background screen and a drug test

Thanks and Regards,
A.Aandriya Mary

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Junior Clojure Developer, Kira Systems
Toronto, Canada

(ns com.kirasystems)

(def startup "Kira Inc.")

(def about-us
   "We’re a Toronto-based startup using machine learning to automate legal work. We’re looking for a junior developer to work on our Clojure-based web app and C++ based OCR component. Our team is pragmatic, and inquisitive; we love learning new technologies. Our office is in the heart of Toronto.")
(def looking-for
   "We're looking for someone that shares our vision and passion for building software. As an exceptionally-talented engineer who is excited to work with a team of like-minded individuals, you will build out features that bridge the data engine and web interface.")
(def topics [:clojure :c++ :web-dev :functional-prog :postgresql :rabbitmq :java-jvm :unix ])
(def requirements [:comp-sci :comp-eng :soft-eng :other-related])
(def why-work-with-us
   ["Awesome co-workers of course!"
    "Challenging & interesting problems"
    "Responsibility & ability to make an impact"
    "High-quality mentoring to help you learn"
    "Competitive salary"])
(def show-off
   "Please send us your cover letter, resume, and any references to software you have written or contributed to (e.g. pointer to some of your open source projects on Github):jobs@kirasystems.com. Include your name as the email subject.")
(def bar [33 115 107 115 105 114 101 116 115 97 32 110 105 32 101 109 97 110 32 114 117 111 121 32 101 115 111 108 99 110 101 32 100 110 65])
(defn pretty-print [i]
   "I print out stuff really pretty for your i!"
   (print (apply str (interpose ", " (map name i)))))
(defn print-ad []
   (-> "Hey, we're from " (str (.toUpperCase startup) "! ") (str about-us " " looking-for) (println))
   (println "\nYou can expect to work with the following, so familiarity with any helps: ")
   (pretty-print topics)
   (println "\n\nYou should also be either working towards or already possess a degree in:")
   (pretty-print (take 3 requirements))
   (print " or ") (pretty-print (drop 3 requirements))
   (println "\n\nWhy work with us:")
   (doseq [reason why-work-with-us] (println " * " reason))
   (print "\n" show-off "")
   (println (apply str (map char (reverse bar))))
   (println "\nHappy Coding!"))

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Clojure Developer, Disco Melee
100% Remote
Full Time, Part Time, or Freelance


In search of Clojure developers.

About Us

Disco Melee was founded by gamers, for gamers, to deal with with the lack of social features in other gaming-centric sites, and to reinvent the concept of social streaming. Basically we are “making gaming social again”. We’re in closed beta now, but will be opening up very soon!

What We’re After

The frontend is built in Clojurescript and Om, the backend in Clojure on a PostgreSQL database.
While we do require some degree of prior experience with these technologies, we also greatly value an ability to learn, take ownership, be proactive, and communicate well with others.

Essential skills:

- Good written and spoken English
- Functional programming techniques


- Modern HTML and CSS (LESS)/Bootstrap
- Clojurescript (and Javascript)
- React (Om)
- Implementing a Photoshop design in HTML/CSS


- Clojure
- SQL (we use PostgreSQL)

Desirable skills:

* Data security and privacy
* JVM familiarity (ecosystem)
* XMPP protocol knowledge
* Video streaming/web video familiarity
* Distributed systems
* Payment processors
* Mobile (iOS/Android) knowledge
* Familiarity with Amazon Web Services

To submit your resume for consideration, please email work@discomelee.com.

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Software Engineer: Clojure + Scala, Elmar Reizen
Amsterdam, NL

Elmar Reizen is one of the largest online travel agents of the Netherlands selling package holidays via our website www.vakantiediscounter.nl. We build all our systems in house with our own development team of full stack developers. We do that by leveraging new technologies like:

- Apache Spark for distributed data processing
- Play & Akka for a scalable back-end
- Ruby on Rails plus React with ClojureScript for our Response website

Elmar Reizen is an informal company where we use Agile development and best practices to deliver with little overhead, fast time to market, and high quality. We do this all from our beautifully situated office at the canals in the center of Amsterdam.

What you will be doing

You will join our Product Team where you will be:

- Sharing your expert knowledge on the above technologies
- Gaining knowledge on the above technologies from your expert colleagues
- Writing lots of (clean) code that goes to production continuously
- Spent 10 percent on private projects to find the next big thing

Your Skills

- 5+ years as a professional software developer
- Solid experience with one of the technologies we use
- A strong interest in functional programming
- A passion for learning and sharing knowledge
- Experience with Big Data, Spark, Hadoop is a plus
- Experience with Solr or Elastic Search is a plus
- Experience with React, Scalaz, Play framework is a plus

What we offer

- A good salary
- 30 paid holidays days
- Opportunities to attend conferences, trainings, workshops, etc.
- Discount on your holiday trips (of course :)
- Vibrant company culture
- Support with relocation (visa, housing)
- Support with 30% ruling
- Get information on how to apply for this position.

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Software Engineer in Test, Intent Media
New York, New York

Want to learn more about machine learning and big data pipelines? Read on!

You might like Intent Media if you like these things:

- Transparency and open communication. The only walls here are on the conference rooms.
- Work/life balance. We work hard while we’re here but value results over long hours.
- We don’t wait for permission to make our workplace better.
- Hack Days. We do them every quarter, and they are really fun.

You might do well here if you have these things:

- Five or more years of experience as a QA, test engineer, or developer
- Good programming chops
- Thoughtful opinions about the software testing pyramid (from base to apex)
- A pragmatic devotion to agile practices

It would be even better if you could do these things:

- Build test harnesses in Clojure, Java, or Ruby
- Help us implement dual-track agile and continuous deployment
- Teach product teams when and how to charter exploratory testing sessions
- Bring your dog

We would like for you to help us do these things:

- Deliver the components of our data pipeline quickly, efficiently, and safely
- Write code, especially unit, component, integration, and end-to-end test automation
- Define the scope of user stories
- Hire diverse people with whom you would love to work
- Advance the state of the art in software testing

To learn more about Data Engineering at Intent Media, read this blog post. (http://intentmedia.com/blog/)

About us

Intent Media operates the world’s most powerful platform for advertising on commerce sites. We help online travel companies unlock their full revenue potential with innovative, high-margin advertising products powered by predictive analytics. Our customers include the world's largest online travel agencies, metasearch companies, airlines, hotels and car rental agencies.

Every day, we’re inspired by two pursuits. First, we’re imagining and building novel products that are upending ecommerce. Second, we’re building the company we’ve always wanted to work for — one that’s open, human and collaborative, where very smart people come together to share ideas and get things done.


Apply with your resume in just a few clicks! You can learn more about us at:


Please apply: http://grnh.se/sigle3 or Email Giselle.Lazo@intentmedia.com

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Clojure Engineer, Funding Circle
San Francisco, California


We're a company with a mission you can feel good about. We help small businesses flourish by providing them with fast and fair finance. We help investors prosper by offering them the opportunity to make good returns. And together, we help grow the economy. We are backed by a great group of investors, including Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures, and Ribbit Capital. The opportunities ahead of us are unbounded. We think big and, if you do too, then come join our talented team.

Our mission: to build a better financial world.

Excited? - Join us!


The Engineering team is seeking a creative and experienced Clojure Engineer to bring simplicity to the forefront of our distributed systems while taking on the banking industry. Our small but mighty team is mission-driven, already making revenue, and offering a great service at the same time. We are looking to grow our team with passionate engineers who love experimenting with new languages and technologies while helping foster a collaborative, inclusive, and professional work environment.

- Build and expand our highly-available microservice architecture.
- Apply innovative technology to scale in terms of software performance, maintainability, and business processes.
- Process high throughput transactions with confidence.
- Build infrastructure to collect 'big data' for risk modeling and real time analytics.

We use the right tool for the job, so we are always reevaluating our stack. Our current go-to technologies are Clojure, Ruby, and PostgreSQL. We run on AWS which includes the usual supporting cast and crew making up a modern web platform. We practice continuous integration, have a container-based deployment workflow, and largely practice XP. We have daily stand-ups, weekly retrospectives, and practice pair-programming.


- At least 1 year of professional experience working with Clojure (or really strong personal project using Clojure).
- 4+ years of overall software engineering experience in any language (Ruby, Python, Java, etc).
- Strong interest in functional programming. Comfortable in Unix/Linux environment and familiarity with Docker, Mesos, or experience with distributed systems, Cassandra, or any other skills that will help us scale are a plus.


- Github or other open source code we can check out
- Database experience
- Distributed systems experience
- Experience with microservice and/or event-driven architecture
- Operating at scale with low-latency systems


We offer all of the stuff that folks tend to find important, like a competitive salary, equity, fully-covered health benefits and the like. That said, have you heard about what we're doing?! Our mission is what really motivates us to come to work each day:

- We're supporting small business, the engine of economic growth.
- We're creating a bigger marketplace where investors can directly connect with businesses.
- We're helping facilitate higher yields for investors and lower interest rates for borrowers.
- We can fund loans extremely quickly, all online!
- We have a clear competitive advantage in areas like domain expertise and regulatory processes.

To learn more about our environment, culture, and perks, visit our careers page and engineering blog.

To apply, visit: http://apptrkr.com/617328

Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records.

To Apply


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Junior Full-Stack Developer, Maestro
Melbourne, Australia


We are looking for an outstanding, motivated and hands-on full-stack junior developer to join our small team ASAP. We will structure the role and compensation to suit.

We are a small startup company who have developing a game changing application for the last 2 years. The application tracks pharmaceutical market access submissions and outcomes from all the world’s leading regulatory and reimbursement (subsidising) agencies and is unique in its kind.

You will have a range of responsibilities with a focus on working with the owner of the business, our UX designer and lead developer in transforming new designs and features into clean front and back-end code. You will also have input into feature development, design direction and strategy and will report to the lead developer.

You will

- Be able to demonstrate your experience building complex web-based applications, not just interactive websites.
- Be passionate about modern web development practices and thrive on learning new skills.
- Believe that results are important, but also that you should enjoy the journey and have fun along the way.
- Be based in Melbourne, and be an Australian Permanent Resident.

In return, we will

- Pay market compensation
- Offer a lot of flexibility in how you work (including the option of a four-day work week).
- Encourage you to learn new things, not just utilise what you already know.
- Provide a long list of interesting infrastructure, data, back-end, front-end and design challenges that would keep a curious full-stack developer constantly engaged and challenged.

What makes this role special

What makes this role interesting, at least to a certain type of developer, is that we’re building an application, not a website. Lots of ways for a creative and skilled developer to test and demonstrate their skills.

We also don’t shy away from using cutting edge technologies. Here is a quick rundown of our stack:

- Clojure server
- Clojurescript front end (using ReactJS)
- Postgres
- Redis

We make heavy use of these services:

- CircleCI
- Heroku

You will get to work with good people in a fun and flexibility company. We share our office with a bunch of other startups so you’ll be working in a vibrant environment with lots of other designers and developers of online software.


- 1 to 2+ years professional software development experience.
Experience building online applications
- Strong Javascript skills (experience with ReactJS highly desired).
- Clojure experience highly desired (or experience in another functional programming language)! Otherwise experience with other server-side frameworks such as Rails, Django, Express/NodeJS, etc
- SQL (Postgres) experience
- Familiarity with test driven development, build processes and continuous deployment.

To Apply


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Senior Software Engineer, Thomson Reuters (Markets) LLC
New York, NY

Reuters News Agency engineering team develops business-critical applications and services for the Reuters news organization. We provide publishers and broadcasters with news text, photos, and video over both Internet and satellite, and we also provide web-scale hosted content solution to digital publishers.

Job Duties:

- Communicate with product and business teams to gather and analyze business requirement and translate into technical design and prepare functional/technical specification documents;

- Research and identify new software technologies that can be leveraged to improve application performance and development efficiency, reduce cost and maintain quality;

- Develop low latency news collection and processing system using programming and scripting languages including Clojure, Java, Python, SQL and Shell script;

- Develop news transformation component that processes text, picture, video news in various news message format including NewsML1, NewsML2, IIM and NinJS; Develop news distribution web services using Apache, Tomcat, Java, XML, JSON, Web services, and WSDL;

- Develop web scale, high resilience web application using Ngnix, Lua, Clojure and Python;

- Develop web application frontend using programming languages including Javascript, Clojurescript, CSS and HTML;

- Develop applications based on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure and technology stack including Cloudfront, VPC, ELB, EC2, S3, SQS and Lambda;

- Build and deploy application using Jenkins, Docker, RPM, Makefile and Maven;

- Support and enhance all applications once in production and maintain production source code;

- Work together with Quality Assurance team to prepare test plans/test cases and define test execution methodology and perform tests. Identify and fix any defects;

- Build and package QA/production version of software and request deployment;

- Work with system operation team to install applications to QA and production environments;

- Prepare system operation documentation and train the operation team on the usage.


Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical/Electronic Engineering or a related field, plus 5 years of work experience in software development-related position. Experience must include the following, which may be gained concurrently: 5 years’ work experience in an application development role in low-latency news collecting, processing and distribution systems design and development; 5 years’ work experience in large-scale web application/web services (over 10 million page view/visits per day) design and development; 5 years’ development experience in Java, J2EE, Python, SQL/MySQL, XML, JSON, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Web service, and WSDL; 5 years’ experience in MySQL database (MySQL 5.1 and above) design and optimization; 5 years’ work experience on Cent OS or Oracle Linux platform and using tools including shell, Makefile; 5 years’ experience supporting and developing software application and using Standard Development Lifecycle processes, including all phases of the SDLC including requirements gathering, documentation of requirements and translation to technical specification documents, development, testing, deployment, documentation and training; 3 years’ work experience in a software development team adapting agile methodology including Scrum and Kanban; and 3 years’ development experience in Clojure, Lua, Nginx, Amazon Web Services.

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Software Engineer (Clojure)
Mphasis Corp / NextAngles
Princeton NJ - New York NY - Remote

We are building a system that takes fuzzy human language financial regulations and transforms them into something computable: rules. Rules are then executed against billions to trillions of triples and all information (raw and inferred data) are presented in a UI that gives the user tools to navigate, manipulate and analyze linked data.

The conceptual heart of the system is a set of semantic web standards that allows us to formally model data and rules. The technical heart is Clojure, ClojureScript, Storm, Datomic and Om.
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