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Here's a sneek peek at Hitan's story!

Alpha 1.3.3 has been pushed, which corrects a bug with dialogue selection, a bug with the game over screen, and some minor improvements to draw interpolation


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Before Yasu makes her debut, let's get to know her a bit!

Yasu, Ayumu's sense of peace, is a long-time resident of Yokuchi Village, a small farming town. She's well respected within the community, and is often sought after for advice. She spends her extra time teaching agriculture to many of the children of Yokuchi. As the Tournament of the Mind begins, she must protect her class from a mysterious attacker.

Look for Yasu, the umbrella-wielding protector of Yokuchi Village in the upcoming 1.4 Alpha release!

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Alpha 1.3.2 is out, which brings several updates to the character dialogue view, as well as how it's utilized in arcade and versus modes


Alpha 1.3.1 has just been released, which fixes several gameplay bugs.


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Alpha 1.3 has been published! This build adds Kyouki back into the fray, adds several gameplay enhancements, and addresses several gameplay bugs since 1.2.

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Hey All! While we're putting the finishing touches on our 1.3 alpha build, I wanted to run through what's included.

What's New:
-Full Knockbacks: Characters now feature a standard and full knockback. Full knockbacks are more forceful and cause the character to bounce when they hit the ground. Right now, they have a slightly shorter window to perform a quick recovery as well.
-Effects: We added the ground dust to a few moves that were missing it, and added a new effect when character's manually charge
-Characters: Kyouki rejoins the fight in 1.3!

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed an issue that caused players to get hit into the air while blocking
-Fixed issues with Kenta's rock projectile issuing damage, bouncing appropriately
-Fixed an issue that would cause user input to be queued while input disabled


Hey guys, build 1.2.1 has been pushed. This minor build fixes some issues with Kenta's Rock Toss attack, and a few performance optimizations.


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Alpha 1.2 is finally here, with some massive updates. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for your support and patience while we prepared this build - it's a big one!

Much time has passed since the last push. We've made some really big changes, since 1.1 - let's take a look:

-Overhauled core mechanics: We have completely overhauled the core mechanics in the combat system. We now have features like proper chip damage, damage scaling, whiff charging, combo scaling, juggle states, and many, many more. This also addressed a lot of issues we had with balancing and gameplay overall. We're planning on putting together some documentation on all the mechanics soon for our website, more info to come soon!

-Overhauled AI: Our last AI was...shall we say, limited. The new AI has been rewritten to predict the outcome of it's possible actions, and it feels great. We've still got a little more polish to put on, and things need to be balanced a little more, but we wanted to put the new version in your hands asap.

-Game over screen: We now have our game over screen implemented in arcade mode.

-Post-match dialog screen: We now have the start to our post-match dialogue in both arcade and versus modes. More polish and revised dialog to come.

-Ingame effects / headers: We have overhauled the round headers, combo meter, and more during ingame. We also have added our new character popup effect when SS moves are triggered.

-Bugfixes: Too many to count.

Lastly, I want to mention our shift in build priority. We made a lot of large strides from 1.1 to 1.2, but feel that we should have broken these down into smaller chunks and pushed at a more frequent rate. As such, we're working toward getting back into a roughly two-week build cycle moving forward. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates. In our next build, we will have a few more improvements to gameplay, some characters added to the roster, a bit more audio content, and more.

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Alpha 1.1.0 Released
-Character: Kenta
-Stage: Arid Plains
-Stage: Kaiji City Massage House
-Interface: Updated Font and Drawing Method

-AI: Fixed a bug that caused AI to get 'stuck' in state
-Graphics: Corrected Alpha Blending
-Interface: Added 'tap' support to the stage selector
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