Believe and have faith, India is going to have a new political party which will usher India into a new era of tremendous economic development, social-religious-regional integration, perfect law and order, enriching neighborly relations; in short, a complete transformation from the present day total confusion, strife and chaos, and poverty. This will be brought about with visionary leadership and clear policies. The ways and means will be in complete synergy with the democratic principles. An elaborate constitution of the new party will be prepared. The main plank of the new party will be complete transparency, total uprightness, striking straightforwardness, and decisively solution-oriented approach. The leaders will be educated youths who will work like missionaries for the peaceful development of country without harboring any ego or selfish interests. This has not been possible till now because nobody has tried to achieve it before. This will materialize now because now the country knows the importance and urgency of such a course. Let us believe ourselves; this will take shape with a lightning speed.
A complete strategy will define how the new party will be launched, how the media will be dominated and used to popularize the new party in every nook and corner of the country, how the new leaders will be chosen and trained to devote themselves to the service of nation, how the new party will overshadow all the other parties and emerge as the most powerful party, how the historical and contemporary issues will be chosen and addressed to silence the critics, how the new party will be made the ultimate destination of all political aspirants, how the new party will galvanize the people around it across all castes-regions-religions-languages, how the new party will create its undefeatable image, towering goodwill and shining credibility. Each and every minute aspect will be taken care of with exquisite detail and application of mind. The journey is ready to start. It will unfold a new and glorious chapter of history of India.
The goal is sacrosanct, the intentions are pure, and the will-power is unflinching. There is not an iota of doubt about the launching of new party very soon.
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