What community was this

Finally done it. What happens next?

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+Nik8Bit​ bonnie the bunny 

I cannot breath.
I cannot talk.
I cannot move.
I cannot love.
pleaase stop the madness.
kill me.
i cannot bear to see as i become infected with rabid children that attack the innocent.
i will continue to go through this cycle of being revived and being filled with rabids and shitposts until i cease to exist.
i am becoming the very thing i hate.
i talk through papa johns because he is the only one that can save us in this point of time.
please give me the sweet release of death.
please fix what i have done and created.
please give me the sweet release of death.
I am arf.

I am free.

Mod pls

Helo every1, i amp papi john

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