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Fifth year:

Its the first day of the new year, Hogwarts had reported that Stella hadn't been found in the fire. All the Lunar students head to the annual beginning of the year meeting and introductions. They see the Hogwarts students and glare. They lost a student because of theirs and that will never be forgiven.

"Everyone please be seated. Its time to begin." The headmistress says

Welcome! To the first annual Hogwarts-Solar Lune ball. The ball is at Hogwarts and both schools are here getting ready. Solar Lune students are using the Head boy and girls room to get ready. Though some of the Hogwarts kids are planning a prank that will change everyone's lives.


It was a normal day at solar lune and Hogwarts. It was mid-way through the year and everyone really was settled in. They knew how everything worked, and they had  chosen their friends, if they had any. Everything was going along really well. Though today in both schools children were bored. It was nearly Yule and they had nothing to do. So the  only thing to do was to explore. Both school's student's found a secret passage, but they never heard of this one. Each s group of student went in to escape school grounds, what they found...well they weren't very pleased...It lead out but who they bumped into before reaching the out wasn't the best point in their day.

I would like to know how many people would be fine with the first three years kind of speeding by. Like a bit of role playing and a lot of fast forwarding in till they hit more towards the end of fourth year, beginning of fifth year so that both schools can combine sooner?

ANDDDDDD how many people would enjoy every time the post get lengthy or there are a lot of post to have an overview of everything going on, since a lot of the time there will be more than one even going on at once. (Refer to the Marauder Era communities overviews)

Just joined.... what do i do???????????

Where do we write the RP?

okay, i just got invited by +Stella C Blackheart , and i have no FREAKING idea what to do. It sounds really really cool, but could you help me please +Stella C Blackheart ???? really want to join...

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Name: Louis Weasely
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Personality: He's a prankster and he tends to follow James around. He is very hyper and creative but also sneaky and clever. He is very likeable but also very loud. He's playful and tends not to mean any harm.
Patronus: Owl
Species: Human/wizard
School: Hogwarts
Backstory: He comes from a big family, and he is best friends with James Sirius Potter. He is a prankster and has lived a pretty normal life really.
Love Interest: Unknown
Like the pictures(1st age 11, second age 15)
Other: James Potter and Fred II are his best friends.
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Here is what Solar-Lune dorms look like
(First house is the Solar Dorms, Second house is the lunar dorms, the first lounge area is in the solar house, the second lounge area is in the lunar house. The 1st bedroom is what a lunar bedroom usually look like but not all the time. The picture of the four things is what is in both houses)
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