Ugh... Another confirmation dialog? Really? How do I turn it off? I know adding features to the app is cool and all but it's making my experience too clogged.

The feature to press any article to select "mark as read above" never worked fine because it always makes me press it twice or even three times! (I'm on a Galaxy S7). And now you've added another confirmation dialog that can't even be disabled? What's happening guys? How many touches more do I need to make to sort trought all my articles? 

Feature Request
Coming from gReader I'm really enjoying using Inoreader.
Your Android app is easy to use and has a really nice design.
It would be helpful if you could add a settings toggle to directly open all pages in full content view, and not just webpage view.
Personally speaking, that will be very useful.
Thank you for all your work.

Inoreader always restart when switchig back to inoreader, and it is a really hard work to find my last reading content.

Are there any plans to provide some sort of integration with Tasker? Or will there be intents that will be published? I did some searching but couldnt find anything specific. TIA

I entered in beta testing but on my smartphone I still have the stable version 5.1.1

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I'm not sure if this is a known issue or not, but I'm having issue with split screen on Android 7.0 (Nexus 6P). The app goes into split screen fine, but no article show up. The menu slider workers, but no matter what folder I select articles do not show up. I have been widen the split window to see a article but still look like something is overlaying the articles.

I'm using Version 5.0 (314).
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Is there a way to disable the swipping left and right on the article list? It's very difficult to make a long press. Sometimes I need to press 2 or 3 times trying to make the app realize I'm long pressing the screen... 

Just returned to Inoreader after a stint trying other readers and I had forgotten how fast and smooth it is.
I'm also pleased to see the new direct article feature!
I only have one issue with it now, when I add any Google News feeds (using either or there are no thumbnail images, just a blank card.

Hi, please help. I get no more notifications. Previously it worked (some weeks ago).

New Beta with improved offline mode for Professional members has just been released!
Change log:
Offline folders are now available! You can set up an offline folder by swiping it to the right. Inoreader will then automatically download articles, images and the mobilized content depending on your preferences.
We have also made some dramatic performance improvements to the application and it should be faster than ever.
Please note that you need to have Professional Inoreader account in order to be able to use that feature.
Looking forward to hear your feedback. 
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