Here's my (Bio).

Zoreth El was born on Krypton during Krypton's pre-industrial age when the Kryptonians were known by only a single name. His father (Erok) became the first Kryptonian to create clan names and called himself (Erok-El). His wife was (Milia,) the daughter of an opposing Bethgar (A Kryptonian term for a ruler), named: (Uved). Erok-El and Milia gave birth to Kal-El the First, who became the second Bethgar of the continent of Urrika. But a little known fact that had been a (Quietly kept family secret); was the fact that Erok's first born son: Zoreth El; had defected from the plans of his father and disowned the right to rule the (House of El), as his later sibling, Kal El, would eventually fulfill. But long before the eventual birth of Kal El; Zoreth El, after personally seeing the barbaric rule of the criminal elements of his day's of Krypton: decided for himself that he needed to do something about the situation. When he tasked his father, Erok with taking on the criminal elements of the land; he was greatly disappointed by his fathers insistence on forming a system to deal with the matter, instead of taking it on himself, and leading the way to alleviate the suffering and injustice of the people of Krypton.

Zoreth El later decided that he would handle the situation in his own way and gathered a few able and willing individuals who were also willing to fight the criminal elements---calling themselves the RED SUN COALITION. But greatly outnumbered: they soon fell to the sheer numbers of the criminal opposition. Zoreth El was entreated by his father to stop trying to physically fight the darker elements and to give his support to the building-up a Ruling Council to Govern over the people of Krypton. But seeing it as a futile endeavor while the people remained under brutal conditions and unimaginable suffering; Zoreth, left Krypton to join the powerful (Universal Council of Affairs) where he became a top agent/spy/assassin and Rare Item hunter. Returning to Krypton for a time: Zo and an elite squad of operatives, were able to greatly reduce the criminal element by dark tactics, that many of the rulers of Krypton, abhorred immensely. Feeling underappreciated for his and his teams efforts: Zo, once again, left the planet of his birth---vowing to never return; but chose instead to travel the Universe in service to the (U.C.A.).

Now tasked with the apprehension of his distant relative from another dimension; Zoreth El has arrived on Earth---but was only given permission to enter the alternative Universe, to try to stop the plans of Clark Terror; completely on his own. The U.C.A. was not willing to risk the lives of any of their other vital agents, that would be soon sent to the front lines of the war that was being waged by Darkseid and the Shadow gods of Ranius 2, against the Home-base of the Universal Council of Affairs, on Exzalanore One. Zoreth El has built himself an invisible fortress on the outskirts of Smallville. But he travels the globe, following leads and trying to make his own connections to aide him in the coming battle against Clark Terror.

Race/Species: Ancient Kryptonian
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Eyes: Bluish Radiance
Hair: Bald
Build: Athletic/Toned
Relationship Status Single
Sexual Orientation Straight
Field of expertise: Combat and war tactics, weapons and tech creation, service to U.C.A. and all that it entails.

Texas Hold Em
Good Times

Being bored

He Is The Ultimate Weapon

Warnings of Danger

*Power Replication and Alteration
*Manipulation Force
*Healing Factor
*Super Breath
*Super Strength
*X-Ray Vision-see through solid objects and into the spirit realm
*Super Hearing
*Accelerated Healing
*Heat Vision
*Mental Powers-mind reading-instantaneous learning-move objects
*Ice Breath
*Super Hypnotism- Crimson glow from his eyes persuades subjects to obey him
*Super Ventriloquism
*Microscopic Vision
*Telescopic vision
*Energy Absorption
*Shape Shifter


Wine of Wrath-drinking results in temporal servitude to the one that tricks him into drinking it

Hello! I'm Zackary!

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Hello, my name is William…
Help Mamma Ruth…
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Who would win in this Death battle royale between the main characters of new shows?
You decide!!!
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Your heart starts throbbing faster as you grip hold onto the guys shirt. The guy begins to realise that he has feelings for you but he doesn't want to admit his feelings nor do you.... What will you in this situation -if you were the guy, girl or the friend?
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