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[]_ General Rules and Conditions: __[]_

Hello everyone,

This post as stated above will be about the rules and conditions in the community. They are pretty simple and, there aren't too many of them so I would greatly appreciate it if they could be looked over.

Violation of some of, these rules will earn you a strike in our "Three Strike System".

[] Rules: []

1. No Straight Hentai:
This is pretty simple, and I have stated this before in a previous post. This is a community dedicated to Yuri and Yaoi (gay and lesbian) rolepays. There are other communities in which you can post straight hentai, though please not here.
If any is seen, either myself or the other people in charge will take down the post.

2. a) Respecting Others Limitations:
This is also pretty straight forward, and I have also posted about it before. Please if you or the person/people you are roleplaying with start to feel uncomfortable about what is going on then do not continue. This is a safe environment where people can post what they like.

2. b) Respecting Limitations:
Of course with the ability with being a safe community there is also a request that the owners have. If you are doing a roleplay that has violence in it, or anything that can be seen as a trigger please post it at the top of your roleplay so people know what they are getting into.
Thank you.

3. a) Restrictions:
Furries are allowed, but please be reasonable with them. This is not a furry community, though it will be allowed. HOWEVER, there will be no bestiality as in human with full out dog/cat/other animal.

3. b) Restrictions:
Please post in the right category. Any posts that are not in the right category will be removed. Also please do not roleplay on the profiles. Make a different post for roleplays.

4. Picture:
The preference would be that there is no full on nudity. Censored pictures would be preferred, however as long as the picture is not too graphic then it may be posted. HOWEVER, please do not post pictures of your naked body, or other people's naked body. Drawing are okay. Actual photographs are not.

5. Respecting Those in Charge of the Community:
This may be a given, but please show some respect to the Owners and the Moderators of the community. We are not here to harass you, though we will talk to you if we believe it is needed. We will respect you, if you respect us.

[] Conditions: []

There are a few conditions that I would like to cover. The three strike rule is used in this community.

Strike One:
Post maybe removed and person will be talked to.

Strike Two:
Person may be banned for a short time, depending on what rule is broken.

Strike Three:
Banishment. Removal from the community.

If any of these rules are broken then the Owners and the Moderators will discuss the consequence on the situation. The Three Strikes may be over ruled if it is needed, though that should not happen often.

Thank you everyone for reading!~

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you were once the feared Princess Azula, you brought Ba Sing Sei to it's knees and you were going to be crowned Queen of the fire nation but your brother Zuko and his friend Kitara stopped you and imprisoned you. Soon after your defeat your father was defeated by the avatar

i was you ex-best friend Ty Lee. you had me imprisoned in the very same complex you were in when i had stopped you from killing our friend Mei. We were friends ever since we were six, and ever since we were teens i had developed a romantic and sexual attraction for you, which was why i had joined your crazy mission in the first place.

i had managed to cause a riot in the court yard. i knew you were in isolation and i just couldn't bring myself to leave you in this hell hole to rot like you did too me. i managed to snag a guards outfit and i opened the door to your cell to see you a broken mess just weakly banging your head against the wall

Me: Azula?....

(ok so i want you to be a naturally bitchy and high class Azula who starts off hating my guts for betraying her, but as we go along she starts to grow feeling for me even though it breaks Tradition)
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(Ok so i just watched the movie Sucker Punch, Great movie and totally under rated in my opinion, and it inspired me to make this awsome actiony, bloody, dark, lesbian Rp!)

i was the captain of a very unique and select group of black op's operatives, we were known only as vixens to the government. we were the best of the best and so secretive that not even the president knew about us and the work we do for our country and the only way out of this life was death. my team is very small, only four of us, including myself, make it up. this is because most of my other subordinates get killed and replaced, so it was decided that i needed a small team. but that didn't stop my teammates from dying by the dozens. but the team i have now know what they're doing and are well trained. let me introduce you to them...

Rocket: My second in command, she is a short to mid range specialist but don't put a sniper in her hands or you'll have a bullet in your eyes. Rocket has been with me the longest which earned her a spot as my right hand girl.

Blondie: the youngest of us and by far the prettiest, she is our heavy weapon specialist. there is no weapon she can't use to tear you to pieces, i suggest you keep your distance because looks can kill

And finally...

Amber: She is our eyes in the skies and the best pilot we have at our disposal. just don't piss her off because she has no problem taking her sweet time on an evac no matter how life threatening

oh and almost forgot...

i'm Babydoll: i am a universal killing machine, doesn't matter the shape or size if i can use it your as good as dead. emotions are meaning less to me...or so i thought

we were a four person team, we were highly effective and we had a 99% successful rating on all of our missions. not to mention our team was even so there was never an imbalance... at least that was the case until our boss, Madam Gorskie - my former master, decided to have me train someone. i was unhappy about it but we for our next mission we we're sent out into the middle east to save you from a terrorist group. i assumed you were some what trained in combat but i was dead wrong

(Ok so this story REQUIRES someone who can play more than one role at a time. your main character is Sweet Pea, you can make up her real name but it will be Sweet Pea for the entirety of the rp. Sweet Pea is going to be in love with Babydoll. you will also need to be able to play as Rocket and Madam Gorskie. i will play as Babydoll, Blondie, and Amber.)

(the scene starts of with Babydoll, Rocket, and Blondie storming the building Sweet Pea is being held captive at)
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We were both born survivors, the world threw hell at us and some how we survived alone and with little to nothing. the world was divided into 4 sections military, fireflies, raiders, and small peaceful civilizations, and some times in all the blood and death it becomes hard to tell who is actually trying to help the world recover...

My names Amy Huston i'm 22 i've been alone for 7 years since i left the fireflies in search of something better and peaceful, but instead i became cold and heartless after my girlfriend got bitten by a clicker in the middle of a firefly firefight and i had to put her down.

You were Ellie, the only immune person in the world, you have been alone for a while but you met Joel and you both protected each other from the horrors of the world. But Joel Died at the hands of the fireflies and now your out for revenge.

it is the fall and you are alone in the mall looking for supplies when you heard men calling out and you knew they were either military, fireflies, or raiders. it didn't really matter all you knew was they deserved to die, you took a peak out and saw it was military and you knew this would be a problem considering how well equipped they were. you tried to take them out but got caught and dragged to the center and they start scanning you for infection. you think it's all over when suddenly a shot comes out from the darkness and the guy with the scanner falls with the bullet in his head

"RUN" a womanly voice yells from the darkness.

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"Hello! My name is Jackson! Yes... I am a neko... Any who... before the narrator gets angry... let's get this started!"

"Like I said... I'm Jackson..."
"I am not supposed to tell strangers!"
(He is currently 18.)
"Hey don't tell them!"
"I am proud to say I am male!"
(He is energetic, disobedient, sometimes kind, & weird.)
"I like pancakes!"
(He also likes being petted, fish sticks, & cats.)
"You didn't have to tell them the first one!"
"Hmm... I hate dogs, ketchup, shots, cages, & this narrator!"
"I'm beautiful!"
(He has silky black hair, red eyes, red nails, pale skin, & slightly skinny.)

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Captured, tied up and afraid ruby rose is completely alone and afraid... and completely at the mercy of Cinder Falls. Ruby wants to escape and return to her friends and weiss but first she must escape her captors and not get herself killed in the process.
Cinder found the little red reaper incredibly adorably and charming after she met her in the dorm halls, all she wanted was to have her in her bed and stay there forever. but first she had to make ruby want her, no in fact she wanted ruby to crave her simple pressance. so first she had to break her then mold her into the perfect bride and lover.

(I need someone to play as Cinder, you must be dominant and forceful yet kind and gentle. you must get me (ruby) to fall head over heels for you (obviously) must be ok with mind breaks. you also must be patient because this is a long term rp.)


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"Be careful when you go outside Ivan, the hunters will kill you if they find you" The little demons father always warned him. His father took care of him. Ever since the day he found him. Ivan was never the smartest demon and often got himself hurt. He'd get stuck places, make a mess of himself when he ate and for the life of him couldn't do anything remotely like a demon. He was helpless. So helpless.

After his father died Ivan was helpless once more. He brushed his hair with a sad smile as he looked into the mirror. His father never explained to him the concept of life and death so well he thought his dad was just sleeping. Sleeping for a really long time. Ivan went over to his pantry finding it empty he sat down he had no idea where to get food from. No idea how to even cook it If he had the food. His eyes where full of tears he played with his hair. As he pulled out the last peice of food from the pantry a slice of bread he chewed it sadly looking at his dad. "I really need you to wake up, I don't know what to do without you"

Later in the day he left the home trying to look around for someone to help his dad. Those who saw him screamed and ran away he was a demon a monster people were scared of him.

it want long after the first time he was seem that that the hunters showed up in his town to kill him

(y/n) was one of those hunters. Having no idea the demon he was looking for was so well clueless. Had no idea he was about to find the one full demon in the world who was kind.
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♤Open Roleplay♤
♡Seme Needed♡
◇Must Be Descriptive◇
♧Reposts Are Available♧


Oliver was not your average neko. He was basically born into slavery since he was sold at a young age, but because he was a runt no one wanted him. Because of that he was neglected, barely given the things he needed to survive. He wasn't taught basic schooling or trained to be a proper slave like all others that passed through the market at a young age. Instead he was left in a cage to be forgotten and rot away. Eventually people did start to be intrigued with him because of his rare breed of neko that gave him his purple fur, but when he was bought he was sold back or gotten rid of quickly. His Master's found he lacked proper slave training, and although he was obedient his lack of knowledge made it hard for him to do certain small tasks. On top of that, because of the neglect he had faced and continues to face he acted like a child most of the time. He talked like a child just learning to speak since he taught himself and was never corrected properly, and he often just acted childish in general. Though he did show some knowledge in more adult things and things more his age, but it didn't show a lot.

Oliver went in and out of the same slave market all the time. A lot of the times people demanding there money back as well. This whole cycle got very tiring for the market, and after a while they decided just to stop it all. So, they disposed of him. They didn't just toss him out though, they took their frustrations out on him. Oliver was punched and kicked, beat, by all of the people who had to deal with him. He couldn't do much to protect himself, and he didn't try to fight back. He just took it. They best him until he was half dead, besides the fact he was already malnuritioned and already had an abundance of bruises and marks from other abuse, they only stopped when he passed out. They tossed him into an alleyway just as it started pouring rain, as if things couldn't get better for them no one would probably find him till after the rain stopped. They left him like he was bloodied, weak, bruised, half dead, not caring what happened to him or if he lived or not, tossing his stuffed bear beside him before they left.

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I want this to be a long term Action, Hurt/comfort to romance RP
i was an experiment, a lab rat if you will. i was born from the splicing of the DNA of Sasuke Uchiha and the seventh hokage Naruto Uzumachi. Lord Orochimaru trained me like i was his own taught me the many different types of jutsu there were. shadow clone jutsu came easily for me, along with many others. it seemed that jutsu pertaining to the wind fire and electricity elements were built into me, which Orochimaru liked very much. i learned the rasengan and chidori with ease , all the fire styles were like childs play. i should probably also mention that around a day after my birth Mataba the 2 tailed cat was sealed inside me. around the age of 7 my sharingan came in and accelerated my fighting capabilities. Orochimaru slaughtered my surrogate mother, who had given me the name Rin Aburame to keep me human, in order to activate my original mangekyo sharingan just to give me new eyes to activate my eternal mangekyo sharingan. once my eyes had healed i began practicing the amaturasu and all the jutsu relating to it. i even learned kamui and some of itachi's genjutsu. fast forward to my seventeenth birthday and lord Orochimaru had given me the task i was created kill the seventh hokage and Sasuke Uchiha

Orochimaru: it is time Rin, you must fulfill your only purpose in this world. it's time for you killed the reason you exist

me: Yes Lord Orochimaru

from there i was sent to hidden leaf village with a kuni and a leaf head band to blend in, unfortunately my experience with other living people was slim to none so i was at a clear disadvantage but on my way i ran into you... a girl with red glasses along with two boys, one who looked a lot like the seventh, and another who looked like Orochimaru

(Ok so your main character is Sarada Uchiha, but i am looking for a girl who can play more than one character. i would need you to play Sakura, Hinata, and Naruto. and i will play Boruto and Sasuke. If you want to rp just answer one question, What is my mission? must be semi descriptive.)
1: Sarada (aka you)
2.Rin (Aka me)

P.S- i hope you will know when characters are talk but feel free to ask if and when you don't know. also i can do a pp or hangouts :)
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