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Kirby, kirby, kirby, is a name you sould know.
Kirby, kirby, kirby, he's the star of the show.
He's more then you think, hes got maximum pink.
Kirby, kirby, kirby's the one!!!

Hes coming riiijght, back at yah.
Hes coming riiiiight, back at yah.

Give it all that you got. Give your very best shot.
Cause hell be right back at you for suuuure yeah.

How can I help you king dedede.
I need a monster to klaw that there kirby.
Thats what we do best at mmd.
You better get it with a money back guarantee.

Kirby, kirby, kirby, saving the day.
KIrby, kirby, kirby, hes here to stay.

Dont be fooled by his size you wont belive your eyes.

Kirby, kirby, kirby, kirby, kirbys the ooooooonnnne.
Right back at yah. Yah


This place is dying again

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Master troll
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vro this gay

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PacMan with Mario's pasta

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