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it is night and the moon is huge and full it is mating season "howl how howlllllll!"

Pokémon girl you need to make an account

Surprise, dogs! I'm not really dead!

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Profile Template:

Name: Skyler
Nickname: Sky
Den: Thunder Den
Age: 20
Power: Demonic Magic
Likes: Ice Cream, Friends, And Others!!!
Dislikes: Myself...
Personality: Happy, Nice, And Shy, Flirtatious, Sometimes Sexual, And Can Get Sad Easily...
Bio: I Am A Nice Person Looking For Someone Who I Can Spend Time To Love With
State: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: ???

So Chris I need you to find more wolves and bring them to me understand walks around Chris in a circle

make a profile people

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Lace: walking through the forest severely injured her paws are bloody red and then she sees you two she whines and faints

+Jonah Scheie​​ +Skylar Deruzza​​

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Like :ice cream,playing pranks,playing with magic
Dislike:a big group of girls,too much drama
Personality:funny,mysterious,cool,smart,tomboy,sexy,sometimes rude,strong,and fast
Bio:me and my parents moved here a months ago from equestrian and my sis died when I was 15
Sexuality:(les,gay,straight) straight
Power:black magic ( the most powerful power and I have speed)


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"Never not give up and keep on looking forward"

Name: Lace
Nickname: Lacey
Den: am alpha of lightning den
Age: 20
Power: light magic
Likes: fun and lots more stuff
Dislikes: pervs abusers murders
Personality: smart nice cute and sweet
Bio: I was hunted down by wolves and hunters because I was a rare pink wolf my family died because of the hunters and my mom gave me the heart necklace that gave me powers and I will always remember what the hunters did and am going one by one.
State: single
Sexuality: straight
Rank: Warrior

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