Hey John why is your service tag 117

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Okay, I play Halo CE, the Custom Edition, on my computer. I was running a map on Infinity, and was getting my ass handed to me.

Guy in a banshee (my team) saves my life, then gets dropped by a lucky hit with a sticky. One of my teammates tries to take the shee, and I stop him, getting in and waiting until the guy who helped me gets back.

He does, I make sure of the name, and then flies off.

So the question is, was I being a jerk to the one team member or a saint to the other?

Alright I'm going to give you a hint for Halo 5... I'm looking for something in it

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Ask me any questions.

John are you going to Revenge someone in Halo 5?

You are my fucking hero

What's the news on Halo 5?
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