Hello just stopping in to wish all my friends here a Happy New Year in 2014 and God Bless you and your Family

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Hello I'm new to Doterra Products and this is what I copied at my second friday meetings in wayne,New Jersey 

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Love using my products!
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Today I want to share the amazing properties of DoTERRA Lavender essential oil-
-calms anxiety and soothes emotions apply topicaLLY
-apply topically to soothe burns (especially sunburns if you catch them immediately they will turn to a tan the next day)
-apply topically to insect bites and stings, stops the itch
-apply topically to poison oak or ivy along with tea tree/melauca to relieve itching and speed up healing
-Take internally for antihistamine (just be sure you are using doterra or a therapeutic grade oil for internal use)
-Massage on back or bottoms of feet for help sleeping
-Can replace neosporin, Elidel, Motrin, Aleve, Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Imodium AD, Abreva  
YAY for the power of plants!!!

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Even hospitals are using DoTERRA!!!  Horray!

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Natural Gardening with DoTERRA essential oils!!  YAY organic gardening!!!

Today's focus is on the essential oil of CLOVE:
-relieves tooth pain/teething pain for adults and infants-apply on location
-relieves headaches-apply on location
-Can be used to help draw out toxins and infections from our bodies-apply on feet or location of trouble
-Aids in relieving nausea or constipation-massage on tummy or take in a capsul
-Can use in cooking, I love to put in my water for artichokes, or anything you would normally use clove spices in, just be careful, it's sooo much stronger than the spice, a little goes a LONG way!

And that's the daily does of essential oil knowledge!! Let me know if you have any questions! — feeling happy.

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