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Severus 😍😍😍
Lily 😍😍😍

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Name Harry Potter
Age 11-
Gender: Male
House: Gryffindor
Patronus: stag
Likes: Family quidditch Weasleys etc
Dislikes: Dementors voldemort etc

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Quote(Optional)~ "make fun of my friends, you make fun of me. Threaten my friends with anything, you threaten me. But kill my friends, then I'll hunt you down and kill you"
Name~ Hi my name is Sarah Black, what's yours?
Nicknames~ Nickname? it depends really on who I'm with, but to most people my nickname is Sar
Age~ depends on rp
House~ gryffindor
Year~ depends on rp
Birthday~ My birthday is the 16 August 1981
Blood Status~ halfblood
First Year At Hogwarts~ 1992-93
wood= birch
length= 12 1/4 inches
core= thestral tail hair
Patronus~ grim wolf
Bogart~ seeing my dad in danger, but it changed to my aunt bellatrix after 1995
Likes~ Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, the Weasleys (particularly Fred and George), Marietta Defar,
Dislikes~ Slytherins (snape and Malfoy in particular), my aunt Bellatrix
Personality~ fiery, prankster, loyal to my friends and gryffindor, protective
Crush~ none, I don't have time for boys after the Yule ball, but from first-second year I had a secret crush on a certain boy winks as much to say 'you know who I mean'
From~ london
Favorite Class~ DADA obvs
Favorite Professor~ Professor Lupin
Least Favorite Class~ potions
Least Favorite Professor~ snape
Appearance~ picture below

Would anyone like to Role Play? If so..
You see Luna Snape sitting under a tree with a black journal covered in green doodles and the Slytherin crest. With a quill in her right hand she appears to be writing. You...

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To all of my friends and family: +Severus Snape+Lilly Potter+Garnet Sarahfina Snape+Evanengline Slytherin+Luna the Witch and Demigod+Draco Malfoy+Bellatrix Black Lestrange+Lucius Malfoy+Phoenix Potter​even to +Anishma Joseph​ and +James Potter​. I love you all! Even you, Potter. As you're my half brother after all...

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Awwh... Always!

Sarahfina is sitting in a tree on hogwarts ground reading a potions book when she hears you Ello.

(Open to anyone)

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I have made so many wonderful friends on G+. Thank you all for EVERYTHING!

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Just some pictures of my family. <3 I'll ALWAYS love my friends and family. smirks like my dad while looking mischieviously into the distance like my mother
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Awwh. My father showing remorse for my mother. They'll love each other: Always.
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