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A quick idea I just had. ;P

To save confusion, when posting RPs please state the location at the top of the post, e.g. when RPing in Middle-Earth, start the post with;

((Gondor, border with Ithilien.))

Or in Hogwarts;

((Castle grounds, Forbidden Forest.))

Or Alagaësia;

((Du Weldenvarden, near Osilon.))

Have fun RPing! XD

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I made a new OC 'cause I got bored. XD

NAME: Kinoko. (Ki for short.)

AGE: 18 years old.

GENDER: Female.


Fur Colour(s): Varying shades of brown with green patterns and symbols.

Eye Colour: Forest green with streaks of bright emerald.

Other: Light red-brown paw pads and grey claws, a dark grey nose and lighter brown fur inside her ears. Ki also wears two necklaces; a scimitar and a pentagram pendant. She has a piercing in her left ear that holds three beads that have two owl feathers attached to them.

MATE: Currently no one, though despite her shy personality she does wish to find someone of her own kind to spend her life with.

PUPS: None.


Mother: Sakura; deceased.

Father: Unknown.

BIO: Kinoko was born in the forest, but her mother died shortly after her birth and her father was never there. As a result Ki has never known and likely will never know who her father was. She started her life as a curious yet shy pup, who always managed to stay out of sight wherever she went. Soon enough she discovered her unique powers and taught herself to control them.

Kinoko's Abilities:

Kinoko is able to communicate with all forms of life using her mind, including the animals and plants. Ki sings to the plants and trees, and they grow as she desires. She can also use her own strength and the strength of those around her to heal most any wound, including infections and poisoning.

She lived her life young and carefree, until she came of age and decided to use her powers for the benefit of others instead of keeping them to herself. Ki began practising her healing powers regularly on the injured creatures of the forest and the land around her. As such, at the age of four Ki gave up meat altogether, due to the emotional and mental attachment she developed for the animals that would have once been nothing more than prey to her. She began to eat only the fruits, nuts, berries and plants she could gather from the forest. Due to the nature of her powers this was easy for her, as she was able to coax the trees and plants to produce the foods and nutrients she needed even in the winter. She also dyed her fur with arcane patterns and signs as a symbol of her affinity with nature. Ki was always a little apart from the rest of the local wolves, but after her changes she grew even more distant from the others. She began to spend days and days wandering alone in the forest, rarely returning to talk to the other members of the pack. They paid her no heed, so she was free to do most anything she wished to. Ki began building herself a den in the forest, grown directly out of the trees. She would sing to them for hours upon end without food or rest, coaxing and guiding them to grow as she desired. After a full month of work her home was finally finished. She began to live alone, only returning to the centre of her territory when she was needed. She has remained there ever since

LIKES: Kinoko loves to wander through the forest, talking to the animals and helping those she can. She also enjoys carving fallen logs and branches into landscapes and murals with her claws, along with painting on slabs of wood with dyes she has made from the plants and a fur tipped brush, most of which is from her own pelt.

DISLIKES: Ki has never been fond of stubbornness or narrow minded individuals, and she had little time for those who are like this. She also dislikes social interaction and spending too much time around other wolves.

PERSONALITY: Kinoko is very shy and prefers the company of animals to others of her own kind. She is caring and friendly and will always help anyone in need, from a wolf to a shrew. Her way of life means she is quite withdrawn around others, and doesn't tend to talk about herself or her past until someone earns her trust completely. Ki is also very defensive of the creatures she is close to, and if anyone harms them she does not look kindly upon the individual responsible.

ELEMENTS: Earth and Nature.

Okay I think this community is definitely dead now...

((Continuation RP with +Charlotte Chessman​))

That it does... I agree as the trees start to thin, indicating we are getting close to the edge of this forest I can't wait to meet your parents... But is your studio big enough? I mean as a wolf I'm bigger than you.

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My Harry Potter profile.
Name: Charlotte Lillian Chessman.
Nickname: Lil.
Gender: Female.
Age: 16
Year: Fifth Year.
House: Ravenclaw.
Wand: 12 1/4 inches, Phoenix feather, willow, surprisingly stiff.
Blood Status: Muggle-born.
Best Subjects: Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies.
Worst Subject: History of Magic.
Likes: Nature, Unicorns and Dragons, the countryside, magic.
Dislikes: Arrogance, people who destroy nature, Dark Magic.
Strengths: Very good with animals and has a unique connection with them, surprisingly strong Witch for a Muggle-born.
Weaknesses: If anyone hurts the animals she is close to (or any others for that matter) she is easily susceptible to anger and cannot really control her actions.
Secrets: She is an unregistered Animagus (her animal form is a Peruvian Vipertooth) and she is a Werewolf. She was bitten in her First Year at Hogwarts and now takes Wolfsbane potion on the night of the full moon every month.
Patronus: A dragon.
Personality: She is kind, caring and a very loyal friend. She will protect anyone and anything she is close to with her life.
Pet: A snowy owl named Oilossë, and has a strong bond with an Eagle Owl named Aeghen.
Origins: A small village in Kent, England.
Appearance: Pictures. (Shown is her Werewolf form, her Animagus and her normally, also her owl Oilossë and "owl friend" Aeghen.)
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"It isn't always easy, but neither is anything worth doing"

Name: Cory William Entwistle

Nickname: None (yet)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: (In picture) Tall and quite thin with white hair and piercing blue eyes, has a scar on his lower back.

Blood status: Unknown

Family: None

Year: Fifth year

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 11 inches, Dragon heartstring core, Cherry blossom wood, reasonably pliant

Animagus: Unregistered, Snow tiger (White fur with black stripes and blue eyes)

Owl: Young female Barn owl named Boo.

Patronus: Bear

Best classes: Defense against the dark arts, Potions, transfiguration and care of magical creatures

Worst classes: Ancient runes, Divination, history of magic.

Personality: Very shy and withdrawn, generally avoiding most people but this means he focuses more on his work, making him a very good student. However if he makes a friend he would do anything for them, even risking his own life to ensure their safety. Loves the wilderness and has a fascination with animals both magical and otherwise.

Likes: The outdoors, animals, learning, his friends

Dislikes: Bullies, crowds, Loud places.

Bio: He was born in Russia (Near Siberia) and abandoned by his parents, being raised in an orphanage to speak English. However one day the orphanage was shut down and he was cast onto the streets, but soon he began to show signs of magic. Deciding he wanted to leave Russia he grabbed a wizard as they disapparated, taking him to Britain but Splinching him in the process (Has a scar on his back). Once there he received his letter from Hogwarts despite being older than the other first years and he accepted. He didn't really make any friends in the first 4 years and he was bullied because of his second hand equipment, his only friend being Boo his barn owl.

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((For +Charlotte Chessman​))

You had seen me in many of your classes, but paid me no mind other than to wonder at my pure white hair. I always seemed to be alone no matter which class we were in and we were both the top students in the care of magical creatures class. One day as class finished and everyone left for the main hall you spot me wandering into the woods

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Name: Makoto. (Mako for short.) 
Age: 23 human years.
Gender: Male.
Species: Wolf.
Mate/Crush: N/A.
Pups/Children: N/A.
Personality: He is wary of humans, but not to the point of foolishness. He is slow to trust but will be a loyal friend if you can win him over.
Companions: Currently none.
Bio: He is an ex-alpha, the rest is to be revealed within an RP.
Appearance: Picture.
Other: He will rarely use his human form unless it is necessary.

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((For +Charlotte Chessman​​, the deserts bones))

Samson shoulders his rifle and kneels, following the tracks Human mercenaries hunting... he finds a pawprint and his eyes widen A wolf!? Knowing the danger the wolf could be in he stands and sets off at a fast pace, hoping to catch the hunting party before its too late

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Okay, I just realised that I haven't even got a profile on here, and I was like WHAT O.o

So to make things easier for me (cause I'm really lazy XD) I decided to share my Eragon OC : )
This has a lot of info, only because I used it for another rp as well.

Name: Alüna (still pronounced as Aluna, it’s just it looks cooler with the dotted ‘u’ ^_^)
Race: Elf
Male/Female: Female
Age: Looks 16, but is actually 50 (fairly young for an elf)
Family: Her Mother and Father still live in Ellésmera, but her sister lives in Sílthrim. The rest of her family are dotted around various elven cities and villages.
Sword description: Purple hilt, silver blade, purple runes along the side.
Sword Name: Sundavar (shadows)
Other weapons: Bow and arrow.
Armor: Sometimes a silver helm with wings engraved on it, often a fairly light silver breastplate.
Rider description and characteristics: She is wary of strangers, however incredibly loyal when you earn her trust. Strong, not easily broken. She has spent hours working on spells and sword fighting etc., and is now incredibly good at all of them, especially fighting, which she seems to be born to do.
Background: Comes from a (middle class) loving family in Ellesmera, and has never been mistreated overly.
Name: Crystalí
Male/Female: Female
Colour: Purple
Eye Colour: Silver
Fire Colour: Purple
Family: So far, unknown.
Age: 5
Characteristics: She is fairly wise, and can always give good advice. Like her rider, she is wary of strangers, but is more likely to present herself or talk to them, as she is bigger and more powerful than most, and could easily dispatch any human, elf or dwarf attacker, and even a Kull if it came to it. She can always cheer up her rider.
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