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Unpopular opinion:

I'm kinda annoyed when people complain about the movie version being different from the book. I mean, it kinda makes sense when the movie has a couple changes. What's the point of watching the movie when we already know the entire plot of the book? True that the movie should have the same purpose of the story as the original, but having every single detail the same is just a waste of money and effort. That's a similar reason stated by the makers of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series.

And the Percy Jackson fandom is one of what I'm referring to.

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Some people say black lives matter, some people say all lives matter. I say no lives matter because we're all gonna die anyway.

I think that die hard religious people shouldn't be allowed to use everything we have due to science, it pisses me off when I see e.g. Muslims (generally people who show their extreme religious way of living) who use the newest smartphones while not even showing their hair/face.

I find Pokemon Black to be one of the best Pokémon games next to Sun and Moon, as well as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. And I also loved the Black/White seasons of the Pokémon anime.

I forgot about this

So, no disrespect to the people who worked on SnoopaVision, I know they put in a lot of work to try to make this 360 degree thing a reality, but....why aren't YouTube trying to fix the broken-ass copy right system? Shouldn't that be priority number one? Many people already complained about it, you can hear about it everywhere, people even texted YouTube's worker, Susan Wojcicki, she say's that she's trying to help....but I don't think there's been a improvement. 
Anyway, I think they should try to get the copy right system fixed first.

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Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube, and finally, they are listening to YouTubers, and trying to make a change about things. This is her Twitter account if you want to comment or something. I'm just glad that she's listening to people's complaints. And btw all the channels she list are really good channels.

Just a few minutes ago Lost pause got his channel terminated by some BS strick (one of them for 1 sec of audio. And a video that has been out for 2 years, witch doesn't make any sense when you watch the video, his channel as of now is Lost pause 2.)

So you see she hasn't fixed the problems yet, but at least YouTubers had gotten to her, and she is lostening.

I want you're guy's opinion about this, and what you think they should do to change this. I personally think it'll be best if they get a real person to look over videos, and someone to work for YouTube. I understand this isn't easy though, YouTube is such a really big Database, so there is no way they monitor so many videos, but to have someone to talk, and tell the reason as to why would be great, then sending you a "fuck you" kind of thing.

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When trap invades honeyworks

Is it me, or have YouTube been a baby back b*tch lately? They're age restricting everything and people are having to re-upload vodeos.
Man people are reporting just for fun now a day's, or something because youtube have been WAAAAY to strict. It honestly doesn't feel like YouTube anymore...

(And I know they'll have to restrict some content, I understand that, but c'mon, some videos they are restricting doesn't have any sexual content in them.)

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Ok sorry if this is considered spam but I HATE these stupid reshare posts where people take some random photo and take everything out of context so they can get more shares. They don't include sources because half the time it's entirely fake and unrelated to the photo anyway. It's the same thing with that stupid Stephanie from Lazy Town thing(the post floating around the web claiming that she was arrested for prostitution, which was totally fake). It just ticks me off that people can so casually do stuff like this and ruin the reputation of others or in this case a company just for the shares. I know people bring up the "golden rule" thing all the time, but they wouldn't want stuff like this to happen to them, why do it to others? Famous people or companies run by people like it doesn't matter how big they are they're still human beings like the rest of us so why is it ok to make up stupid lies and risk damaging them just for a stupid reshare?
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