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Good afternoon formRangers,

As of today, the Google bug that was affecting our form based add-ons should now be resolved. Please let us know if you are still experiencing these issues.

Have a good day!

Hi, Is there a limit of data that the new formRanger can read/populate? I am trying to populate a dropdown menu from a list of 2500 students, it seems like formRanger is not populating the data. It was working before, just noticed it starting this year. Thanks.

Sorry if this is extremely redundant: my formRanger does not refresh unless I manually load it (supposed to update on submit/every hour). It hasn't been working for some time (many months). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

My formRanger stop adding new selection after 59 questions.....any ideas on how to resove this please.

Good morning, I have problems for a few days: I select the column for the population of the application, it works at first but after a few seconds the question is empty again

It says that formRanger is installed, but isn't activating. I don't see it in my extensions and isn't working whatsoever. Any help?

I am using ranger for registration to courses. I have the problem that if I have one available space to a course and two students register to that only option by hitting submit at the same time, they both get registered regardless there was only one available space.

I am new in the community and I have a problem with formRanger when I use grid questions : when the limit is reached the field's name change and gform creates new columns for the next responses in gsheets... So the formulas don't work anymore. Does anybody have a solution to fix this problem ? (I am French so I did my best to express the problem clearly... sorry if it is not clear)

Hi, new user with a short (I hope) question. I am interested in populating a form with a grid comprised of a list of student names each with an accompanying text box.

Joe [ ]
Sally [ ]
Max [ ]

And so on. We need a quick way for a teacher to tab down the screen to do assessment score entry. My guess is that I might need another approach, thanks for any suggestions. Chris

I have 50 questions that I would like to use FormRanger. There are less than ten entries per question. Each question has different answers.

FormRanger seems very slow at loading each question.

Does anyone know the limit on the number of questions that can be populated by FormRanger?

FormRanger is slow to set each question. I don't want to waste hours setting this up if that is too many questions for FormRanger to automatically update.

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