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The Vagrant Ansible provisioner allows you to provision the guest using Ansible playbooks by executing Ansible-playbook from the Vagrant host.

If unaware on how to install Vagrant and Virtualbox refer the below youtube videos links in the description section :

Why to use Ansible over SHELL Provisioner

- Ansible can do parallel run of the playbook on multiple servers.
- Ansible is able to support whole stack configuration.
- Ansible is able to template the configuration files , whereas shell scripts are NOT.
- Ansible can be source controlled.
- No need to have scripting knowledge.

Watch the video for more details.

Watch video for details

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Docker DevOps tutorial focuses on practical aspects of automated deployment of web application from scratch. Take & Enjoy docker devops course now.

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Ramping up Software Deployment: A Docker Swarm Tutorial

Docker itself has been around for years and is composed of many inter-operating pieces. One of them is Docker Swarm, which allows you to declare your applications as stacks of services, and let Docker handle the rest.

In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Luke Sapan explains how to use Docker Swarm to deploy your own self-managing stack, followed by a quick example.

#DevOps #Docker #DockerSwarm

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This devops series of videos enables you to understand what exactly is devops, how would be the devops culture, what are the different automation tools used in devops and how devops benefits the software organisations.

This video is an introduction to devops course and we are trying to make the videos suitable for both beginners and experienced learners.

Going forward, As part of this series, we are going to give you an idea on

1) software configuration management tools like SVN,GIT etc
2) Build tools like Ant,Maven etc
3) Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins etc
4) Configuration Management tools like chef,puppet etc
5) Job Monitoring tools like COntrol M etc
6) Artifact Repository tools like Nexus etc
7) Testing automation tools like Selenium etc
8) Cloud technologies like AWS, Azure etc
9) Middle ware technologies like WAS, Weblogic etc
10) Server monitoring tools like Nagios
11) Container technologies like docker etc

Many more automation tools

Please subscribe to our channel and click on the bell button to get our video uploads.

Please like, share and comment.

Feel free to reach us on our email id for devops courses both online & offline and other technologies.

Happy learning !

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Global DevOps Bootcamp

On June 17th we’re organizing the first #Global #DevOps #Bootcamp! With local events happening all over the world we create a global event where communities passionate about DevOps on the Microsoft stack can come together, learn about the latest trends and share their experiences.

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