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Cool thing. I'm planning on making at least ideas for a game called "five nights at _____" you guys tell me what should fill the blank with based off of this little description.

You are a guard working at a rich family animatronic family beta testing. The name will be that of the last name of the family. There are 5 animatronics ( spoilers are all over this post just like that one) you start on night 0 you play as a man named Jeremy Fidzjenheihgmeir YOU CAN NOT WIN NIGHT 0 DAD WILL FIND YOU NO MATTER WHAT and you get stuffed into the dog suit ( you hear it happen in the recording you make) and the phone guy is stuffed in the younger child's suit on night four.

What should last name be? I will have a vote of my top 3 after 2 weeks. Sry if this makes no sense it will when I finish the form for the game. 2 weeks for you all to post you favourite last name for this potential fangame.

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so what would you pay to hug or see foxy
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Fifteen dollars
Your car
Your house

if you want me to get rid of someone comment who on this post

wheres foxy in five nights at freedys 3

saw foxy for first time

slept with light off and door open. woke up. no foxy. :'( almost died.


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this is a great animation

hi i joined the friends of foxy community. just letting you all know

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if there was a birthday get together would you go to it
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