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Interesting development. Going to be pretty damn cool to see how this evolves their software center!

I just bought my first Chromebook, an Asus 302CA 2-in-1.

Of course I installed Ubuntu via Crouton... :-)

Is anyone else using Chromebooks?

If so, any tips/tricks/must-haves?

Anybody here active, on even G+ these days?

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Hey everybody. Due diminished attendance and my own lack of preparation, I'm going to formally stop doing monthly hangouts on Linux news stuff.

Had some great conversations, met some people for the first time. All good.


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Free to a good home, you pick up.
Contents of case are old, not guaranteed to work.
Near Lone Rock, WI. Hand-off in Madison might be possible.

I chose to upgrade my laptop (Sager NP6670) from Ubuntu Trusty to Wiley the other evening, allowing the 'software update' tool to take care of the process.  This is not something I normally do.  I generally back up, download an ISO, burn to USB drive, and install, leaving the partitioning in place.  However, I thought, why not?

It froze in not too far into the 'installing downloaded software' section, leaving me without an sysinitd, most of /sbin and /bin unusable, and unable to boot.  Rather annoying.  

After doing a bit of scrambling to get an ISO of 15.10 downloaded and burned, the normal install went well.  The subsequent realization that I would have to upgrade enlightenment to E20 (had been running 19) was a little dismaying for a bit, but found, downloaded, compiled and successfully installed that as well.

All told: about 5 hours lost on a process that usually takes about an hour and a half.... lesson learned.  

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We're having our first (in a long time) Ubuntu Wisconsin meeting tonight.  If you're interested, details provided at the link, and join the hangout at 7:00pm.


Noticed this group and thought I would follow along.  I spend a fair portion of my time on my Farm in Grant County WI, though my main home is in MN now.  Have been using Linux of one flavor or another since 1994 when I worked at Cray Research in Chippewa Falls.  My current interest is in using the Raspberry Pi along with Arduinos to control and monitor various aspects of my Farm.  Am starting out, so not a lot to show, but that will be changing soon.  Hope to get to meet some others along the way here....

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