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A couple of character ideas I recently had. Note these characters are in early development but here is what I have so far! I don't have any artwork done yet but I plan to in future (if I can force myself to draw again, lol).

Name: Silent Muse

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Unicorn

Talent: Candlemaking

Occupation: Bookbinder & Tailor

Relations: Candle Wax (Father), Swift Vanity (Mother/Employer #1), Candle Light (Uncle, Candle Wax's brother), Penny (Friend/Employer #2)

Bio: Born in Baltimare to the East of Canterlot. His mother a busy mare designing/making clothes where as his father lived more simply as a candlemaker. Growing up, Muse spent a lot of time with both at their respective occupations. During this time he learned a great deal about the art of clothing and candle design. However, he grew to be far more proficient in the art of candlemaking. Thus he received his cutie mark in candlemaking. Despite this area of expertise, he went to work with his mother as appose to his father as he saw his father's profession to be somewhat bland. Shortly after being hired by his mother as a tailor, he found a second job (or jobs) as an apprentice, assistant, and book binder for a young calligrapher named Penny. Over the years he would grow to have a close relationship with Penny and his mother while he seemed to grow more distant from his father.

Traits: Born mute, patient, mature, isolated, and selfish.

Appearance: A teal colored coat, short/sharp sky-blue mane, purple eye color, candle CM, and a small cut on his right ear (a result of getting into his mother's scissors when a colt). Sometimes wears a single-breast coat and/or a short top hat.


Name: Penny

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Race: Unicorn

Talent: Calligraphy

Occupation: Non-fiction writer & calligrapher

Relations: Nickle (Father), Fare Dare (Mother), Quarter (older brother), Bold Tulip (younger sister), Silent Muse (friend/employe/apprentice), Swift Vanity (acquaintance).

Bio: Penny Was born in Trottingham. Her father is a business pony, running a small general store in Trottingham. Her mother works for a local publisher, operating a print & press. Her older brother left for Manehatten to open a shop of his own while her younger sister worked under their father. Eventually her father found an expansion opportunity and opened a second shop in Baltimare. Penny volunteered to oversee the opening along with other details involving the new store. While working on the project she discovered a fondness for artistic writing and received her cutie mark in calligraphy. Once her father's new shop was cemented into the city, she went in pursuit of a new career. She would quickly find a job as a short story author, writing tales set in non-fiction settings. A few years into this profession she started her own small company, hiring Silent Muse as an assistant, apprentice, and bookbinder. Over the years they grew to have a close relationship. As time passed, she found her family spread thiner and thiner. Not in a bad way though as they all seemed to find different things to enjoy for themselves, even if Quarter followed in his father's hoofsteps.

Traits: Bookworm, hard-working, assertive, independent, bossy, conceited.

Appearance: Papyrus colored coat (patch of white on her snout), short red mane, orange eye color, her CM is the letter "P" drawn very "artistically". Sometimes wears a hooded brown coat.

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(Long time since I've made an MLP OC. But this idea recently popped into my head and I thought I would go with it.)

Name: Valiant Haze, the bravest coward you'll ever meet.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Grey coat, orange/brown messy mane/tail, gold eyes, short stature, somewhat muscular.

Personality: Brave, proud, high-minded, cowardly, indecisive, indulgent, individualistic.

Talent/Skills: His CM is a shield and fire to symbolize his chivalry and passion for his beliefs. An apprentice in halberd use, basic magic skills though very proficient in levitation, reads his surroundings well. Tracking skills as well as good knowledge of the forests surrounding Hollow Shades.

Bio: Haze lived in an orphanage for the first few years of his life with no records of his real parents. He was adopted at the age of five by an earthpony named Astral Storm and a Unicorn named Phantasim. Astral was a retired Royal Guard and was to get into the journalism business. Phantasim worked in designing clothes for workers such as firefighters and miners. The two had longed for a child but couldn't have one of their own, leading them to take in Haze. They lived together in an apartment near the center of the city of Yanhoover. After defending some schoolmates from bullies who usually targeted Haze, he received his cutie mark in chivalry at 11 years old. This sparked an interest in joining the royal guard as his adopted father had. Astral was impressed by Haze's interest in joining the guard and began giving him some early training himself for a few years before sending Haze to Canterlot to register when he had turned 14. Early training went well for him as he showed promise in his physical and magical attributes, but alas was removed from training as he repeatedly showed incompetence towards his fellow trainees and officers. After his failure in the Royal Guard, Haze took a job as a forest ranger in hollow shades as it allowed him a similar duty to the guard while also not requiring the same level of discipline and teamwork.

(Art by me; however, I did use a base. This character is still under development, have yet to play around with his abilities and personality to develop him further.)

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(Huzzah! I ponified myself!)

Name: Idle Note

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Personality: Energetic, creative, trusting, social, caring, immature, jumps to conclusions, lazy, and awkward.

Powers/Abilities: What do I look like? An Alicorn? Cause I'm obviously not!

Skills: Writing, chess, video games, and drawing (sort of).

Bio: Born in Las Pegasus but I grew up in Tall Tale. Didn't do to well in school until I was encouraged by a teacher to start reading. This sparked a desire to write fiction (as well lead to very good performance in school!)! However, it took three years to realize that writing was my talent. I've always been a creative and energetic pony, but with it I also have a tendency to be immature and lazy. I love to socialize, but I'm not very good at it. I Often times find myself creating awkward moments in conversation. I spend most of my time writing and drawing.

(Extras: (Earth pony because I don't like heights and I've never been much for magic or wizardry). I never NEVER go anywhere without my watch!...ever!...Seriously, I lose my mind if I don't have my watch...I am addicted to wanting to always know the current time...for reasons...that are non existant.)

(Base credit to

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(Some notes. First off, this character is still developing, I'm just posting what I got so far to get some feed back. The bio builds off of the head cannon by Ink Rose as well as some head cannons of my own. Bara Aur is heavily inspired by the Greek Goddess Demeter as well as some old Celtic gods (though she herself is not a goddess herself). literally spent hours upon hours researching Old English culture, Celtic Lore, Ancient Greek culture, the lore of Equestria, and the Alicorns of MLP while creating this character. Alicorns are very hard to work with indeed. Anyways, looking for some cunstructive criticism! Thoughts? Concerns? Questions?)

Name: Bara Aur (Welsh for Golden Bread).

Gender: Female

Age: 1000+ (?)

Appearance: Fall orange coat and a fall red mane/tail with yellow streaks. Dark brown eyes. Stands at about four 4 1/2 feet tall (a little taller than most, but yet shorter than Celestia or Luna). Her body is more muscular than elegant as she spends a lot of time gardening/farming. Mane is quite short while her tail is long. Her tail and mane are both put in a Greek Plait style. A single horn sits on her head and two feathery wings from her back. Two stocks of wheat circling the sun is her CM (may change).

Personality: Patient, industrious, observant, practical, stressful, stern, and distrusting.

Powers/Abilities: Powerful control over the earth. Is able to manipulate some plant-life (Mainly trees and grains). A strong healer.

Skills: A very knowledgable mare in farming and gardening as well as being a good cook. Some skill in healing magic. Plays the fiddle!

Bio: Bara Aur was a natural born alicorn during the period when alicorns ruled over the land. She lived in the west with her family of alicorn farmers and growers. When the shadows came against the alicorn people she was hidden away by her family as they went to face the growing threat. In the end, the shady foes were defeated; however, the alicorns perished with them. While some surviving unicorns were scavenging the ruins of the land they stumbled upon the toddler Bara, found her hidden deep within the ruins of the once great civilization. They decided to take her in as one of their own. In fear that the shadows may come again at the knowledge of the survivor, the unicorns used their magic to hide her wings. During the rivalry between the three pony tribes, it was found that Bara was skilled in the doings of earth ponies as well as possessing magic capable of commanding certain types of plants and the earth/soil. With this knowledge, she received her CM in farming despite being known as a unicorn pony. Aside from that, she had a special fondness for the fiddle and became quite well at playing the instrument. By the time she had matured, the ponies had made their way to the new land of Equestria. The following events (however) drove Bara to a state of distrust as she was not supportive of the actions of her fellow ponies and adopted family. She left the Equestria to return to the old home of their people as she refused to be part of the forming Equestria. Returning to the land of her ancestors, she created herself a home to call her own. A place where she could live at peace with herself. Though not a life of total isolation, travelers still found themselves stumbling on her humble home. Sometimes, Bara does visit the land of Equestria disguised as a unicorn pony to see what kind of things have emerged in the land.

(Another side note. I do plan on doing some actual art for this character, but for the time is an image example from the pony creator app!)


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I am thinking to create an Alicorn oc. The only reason I am is because I wish to challenge myself as a writer to create one that works.

My question is (before I start writing), what kind of things do you want to see in an Alicorn oc or just an oc in general? Nothing spacific, but a basis of what you would want see.

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A redux/update of my first and new primary oc!

Name: Red Cross
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Pegasus Pony
Talent: Writing and negotiating. Some minor combat skills and proficient knowledge in magic.
Relations: Brisk Clock (father, Pegasus), Fine Wine (mother, Unicorn), Flying Sparx (younger brother, Unicorn), White Quartz (cousin, earth pony), Time Turner (Or Dr. Hooves, an acquaintance), Twilight (acquaintance...sort of...)

Bio: Cross was born in Manehatten. His father builds clocks for a living, and his mother makes wine and other drinks. Most of his childhood was spent helping his father around his shop in Manehatten and trying to learn some mechanics himself. Though as time went on, he could not grasp the concept of machinery. When Cross was three years old, his younger brother, Sparx, was born. The two brothers from there got along very well and grew very close. When Cross was eight years old he got his CM in writing after excelling his fellow classmates in the art. With his newly discovered talent, came a desire to pursue it through exploration. He then left home in secret to pursue his passion for writing. He (at times) grew to regret running off from home so young, but he never felt obligated to return. He wandered the lands of Equestria for four years before meeting some unicorns in Canterlot named Steel Force and Berry Glow. He learned from them that they were getting together a group of ponies to venture off beyond the Equestrian border in search of many things. Cross was quick to join them on their journey. At the age of 13, he found himself leaving Equestria with 11 companions of whom he would befriend over the course of their six year journey. About three years into the journey, fate took a cruel turn. While exploring the barren ruins of an old castle, their company of 12 was ambushed by a dragon with no voice or roar. The dragon destroyed and scattered the 12 and Cross' right wing was near destroyed in the skirmish. Cross then returned to Equestria alone and with a tattered wing. Doctors could not fix his wing; however, the family of one of his 11 friends was willing to replace the broken parts of it with some simple light machinery. His flight is not completely restored, but he is still able to fly...just not nearly as well. Since his return, he has lived quietly in Ponyville as an accomplished writer.

Personality: He is known to be strong willed, independent, and smart in the ways of magic (despite his inability to use magic himself). He feels strongly about his opinions and often will not back down from them. Aside from that, he is a coward! Almost never engages in dangerous situations, often turning tail to run instead. Although, his temper can sometimes outweigh his cowardice. The events with the voiceless dragon resulted in a strong hatred for the creatures.

(Messy art done with a base.)

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One of the 11 companions that Red Cross traveled with. Though her profile is not as refined as Cross' (this profile is still pretty new).

Name: Breezy Charm
Gender: Female
Age: 21(18)
Race: Pegasus Pony
Talent: Wind management.
Relations: Family members are TBD. Was a beloved member of the 12 companions.

Bio: Born and raised in Cloudsdale. Attended The Junior Speedsters Academy when 10 years old. After leaving the academy, she received her cutie mark in wind management while practice flying with her father. She started work in weather management when she was 12. Her job didn't last long though. She was fired after causing a little mishap in the weather factory. Desperate for a new job, she was hired as a test subject for a Unicorn named Mythic Dawn (of whom was studying weather magic and science at the time). When she was 14 years old, she went with Mythic Dawn to join a group of ponies on adventure outside Equestria. At 15 years old, she would leave with the 11 others on their long journey. Her life would come to end by the hands of the "Voiceless Dragon" about half way into the journey.

Personality: Optimistic, and quite the charmer. She is usually very upbeat and is a charming presence for those around her. However, she is quite sensitive and has a low self esteem.

(This character is still going through development and there are still areas of her character I'm working on. The same goes for a lot of OC's/characters I'm working on. Art done with a base.)

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This is my oc maya ❤ more info comin soon 😀 pls be nice, im not good to make good ocs. Cm: a yellow star and a green pencil in side of it.
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I need opinions on my oc please rate truthfully and be as honest as possible

Sexuality: straight
Species: pony alicorn
Likes: making friends
Dislikes: bullies
Bio: he is small for his age because of a mutation in his dna that caused him to stop growing when he was 1 and right after his parents were killed infront of him but he was sparred, when the police found him he was crying ontop of his parents screaming wake up mommy wake up daddy over and over again before he was removed and sent to a orphanage where he has lived his whole life
Throughout his life he has always had to have been moved from orphanage to orphanage because the kids would always beat him up cause they always thought he was lying about how old he was till he was 10 years old and they finally found a orphanage that the kids accepted him so hes been able to stay there, but while the other kids moved up in ages and rooms he was always stuck in the one year old room but his froends always remained loyal begging the owners to allow them to play with him, luckily the owners said they were allowed because of how old he actually was

When the time for him to go to school actually came he was super scared that all the teasing and bullying would start up again and he would have to leave all his friends but the owners forced him to go and yet again he was bullied for his size coming back to the orphanage with broken bones and bruises every day.

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A character of mine converted to a Pegasus (CM is the sword like picture; though, is his CM is the only thing that remains uncertain to me about his appearance)

Name: Fray
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Age: 18
Talent: Stealth, Alchemy, sword play
Occupation: Equestrian Military (In training/low rank)
Personality: Intimidating, Peaceful, a jokester, thick headed, rash.
Relations: Bitter Berry (Mother), Snow Lock (Father), Bulky Oak (little brother), and Applejack (aquaintance).
Bio: Fray was born in Ponyville. His mother is an alchemist and his father a blacksmith (for construction). His family had been in Ponyville almost as long as the Apples being among the first of settlers there. His family decided to stay as Ponyville was close to the Everfree forest of which is rich in many ingrediants desired for potion making. For much of his young life, he worked as a test subject for his mother. Some of the testing caused some recolering of his hair and eyes, but nothing major. When he turned ten, he was finnaly able to escape it with the birth of his younger brother, Bulky Oak (who basically replaced him in that manner)! With more free time available as a result, he soon recieved his cutiemark after sneaking into a bakery and stealing a muffin (his parents weren't sure whether to be furious or overjoyed). For six years since recieving his cutie mark, Fray resorted to petty theft to make his way in Equestria. After years of narowly avoiding arrest, he was convinced by a friend to put aside his theiving ways and join the Equestrian military. He has spent the last two years going through training and legal issues regarding his previous crimes and now continues to deal with the two.

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