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Best explanation of the Archers Paradoxon I have ever seen:

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That's what I would call really primitive bow building.

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I tried a method for sharpening my curved draw knife free handed

Hi All! First post here. Looking for a tip or trick. I've been making flemish counter twist bowstrings for a few days, and I cannot seem to consistently plan for the ultimate string length if I vary the loop size. Most of the jig patterns I see make the longest strand in the bundle about 61" for a 48" string and then every other strand in the bundle is an inch shorter (61,60,59,58,57,56,55 and 54" for a 16-strand bowstring.) The 4" loops each eat 4-ish inches out of that, leaving about 5" total for the splice if I understand correctly. Is there a formula for calculating how long a bundle to start with based on desired string length, loop length, and splice length? For instance I want to make a 46" string with 10" loops for a horsebow.

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Blood Hazel 34#@28"
I participated in a sapling bow speed build competition. As you only have eight weeks from felling to finish the bow I made some mistakes but the result is quite nice for my better half :)

I have no idea whether this is of interest for you but I made a video about how I prepare my ash staves:

Build Your Own Bow ▪ Preparing Ash Wood

So I know you have to go to a stiffer spine weight when increasing broadhead weight, my question is, is there a general rule for increasing broadhead weight relative to arrow spine. Any information would be appreciated.

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My latest wood-glass composite is a Radical Deflex-Recurve, based on a profile  graciously sent to me by JamesV from Tradgang.  44" ntn.  The original had a conventional shaped riser and side nocks, which I swapped out for my favorite banana-shaped shoot-off-the-hand Asian style grip and pin nocks.  Need to finish cutting down the total width to 1.375", add tip overlays and clearcoat.  

At 1.5" wide , with the bastard string shown, it's drawing 20+ pounds at 16" and my target draw weight is 25-30# @ 26".  The original draw 40# @ 25".  

The shape reminds me of the ancient Egyptian Angular Composites, so I'm calling this one Pitati -- the name of the Nubian Archer Scouts of the Pharoh's army.
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Just finished a hickory longbow. 58" , 50#@28" it's a beast. I backed it with rawhide and a big bulls bake skin. Deer antler top overlays.
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