Oka I need help . is there a way to flash zip update lollipop to Galaxy S4 M919 for T-Mobile. Without root or Odin . ??????? ο»Ώ


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Pleass update lolipop
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Soft key were not working in my s4 after update to 5.0.1 how to fix ....please help me...

Anybody want to run this community? I'm upgrading to an iPhone 6s next month so I won't be much use...

Been so long..sorry I've been pretty busy with college and all...

I just updated my story "They Thought They Knew." Chapter 4 is up now! In case, you want to read it ;)


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Hello people! This doesn't have to do with lollipop on the S4 at all. I have no idea if any of you are Wattpad readers, but if you are... it would be widely appreciated if you could check out a story I just started today!

It's adventures, drama, and romance!


New laptop! As I said in my earlier post, I will really try to be more active. Starting off with this question: is there any possibility that we will receive android 5.1? Or are we stuck with 5.0.1/5.0.2 until we are forced to upgrade our phones?!Β 

If so, Android really needs to step it up cause with Apple, even the iPhone 4/4s are still getting updated and they came out like 4-5 years ago.

Wassup everyone? I'm getting a new laptop later today & I promise I will be more active from now on (at least until college starts), will post more links, more updates, more apps, etc.

Hope you guys have a good rest of the summer 😘
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