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Its been moments of joy and dancing since i got my letter(email) of appointment as the Google Student Ambassador(GSA) to the University of Abuja 2014/2015. I at this point again clearly acknowledge to effectively and passionately carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to my office as GSA for the next academic session/one calendar year. I doff my hat to the entire Google Team, Google Africa and senior Googlers; +Jeminatu Alabi-Isama(who sent my mail)+Chukwuemeka Afigbo (who once trained me at GBG Abuja)+Adepoju Abiodun(who once trained me at GBG Abuja and meetup(s) in Uniabuja)+Aderogba Otunla(GBG Abuja) Just to mention but a few. I also commend ALL (around the world) past and and out-going GSA(s) for "doing cool stuffs that matters". +Ajah David +Johannes Wojuola +Sandra Iliya. I give a million regards to my immediate Googley-family  +Google Students @University of Abuja-you are all the best and i'm excited at doing Googley stuffs with you all on campus. Finally, warmth congratulations to fellow new GSA(s) looking forward to seeing you all in Ghana. #gsap #gsassa #gsanigeria #gsauniabuja  . Signed +Olajide Segunfunmi-GSA UNiabuja 2014.

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Lets map our world.
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dear all, you can now post the link to your edits for quick review .

Just created this community.. this place is where mappers most especially Naija mappers can share ideas and at the same time , ask questions..
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