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I'm here... What you want?

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Oh yeah this what I look like

Hello guys I am new here and +Daniel CPU HD​​​​​ my friend show some cool stuff in here so I gonna give you my profile

Birthday:2 May
Personality:calm and friendly
People I know:Daniel (best friends),Goldeon (Master),Killia (Big Bro),Red Magnus(friend)
SeeU(friend),Adell,Mao,Valvatoraz,(main friends)
Bio:I am Goldeon Apprentice one day I will become the greatest Overlord just like Leon
Like:Video Game,Manga,and Girls
Dislike:losing to any oppnent in the fight

Oh hey +Daniel CPU HD​ so this is a community huh... wow cool ^^

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Name: Rexy Anderson 
Age: 16
height: 5"10
weight: 96.5
birthday: May 20, 145,000,000
genre: music, games, shows, etc
likes: games, music, dinosaurs, monsters, & friends ( by making them happy )
dislikes: Haters of Miku, perverts, people who are bad at jokes, lairs, & jerkbags 
Bio: Rexy is a human ( but actually a chimera humanoid with special powers, but sometimes can turn into a kawaii dinosaur that shoot lasers from my mouth when i'm angry ), but also be a normal person, but can make his cat ears & a lizard tail appear when ever he FEELS like it, not forcing him.

( BTW, I can't find a good picture of my character because somebody already have it, so instead, I have a cute dinosaur as my profile picture, because why not? it's KAWAII!! )   

I have joined 

YEAAH!! \(^^)/

I'm...i'm a moderator now? 
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