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Just found this info. Not sure if it's true or not but it's still news!
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VCG16 Elimination tournament. We will be hosting a elimination tournament for vcg16. The rules will be finalised when we get at least 8 participants

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I just got this beauty off of Wonder Trade!

Can i plz get any 4 iv female marill plz with ivs in hp attack special attack and defensei do not have anything to give

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Who here wants the panthers to win super bowl 50? I do! GO PANTHERS!

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Hi I'm new here and I just wanted to show a few things I happened to get from Wonder Trade. I think I have some sort of magic touch with it as I have gotten about 20 some shinies, including the ones in the pictures, when my friends are lucky to get one. I also got these 2 on the same day.
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Hi. Everyone pigdeot for trade
Lf: shinies

Hello :D
I am new at this Com...I love pokemon.
My name is Zilan and i like drawing :D

Ps: How can you be mod here?

Hey welcome the Pokemon Global Station. Me and +Ksousa 064 run this place so any concerns or questions ask one of us.
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