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So I came across a Facebook article on Oculus Developers.

It seems that they are going to be spending 250 million us dollars on software development for the Oculus Rift. I'll link the article at the end of this post.

This made me think that OpenSim has a user base We just need a browser that works with Oculus. As well we all know that OpenSim needs help. We do have volunteer programmers that work for free.

So it seems highly plausible that with a little effort and some good communication skills, we could end up with a team of paid programmers who's job it is to make OpenSim highly compatible with both Oculus and keep it so the 2d IE normal browsers can still log in.

They are going to give the money away to software developers anyways. And we have the user base. I'm hoping the rest of you can smell the potential here for us to get everything working toot sweet.

IF we can keep ego's out of it and organize we could all win here.

Let's not take our time here. the money is happening now. maybe someone like +Fred Beckhusen or someone else could help put it all together..

We have the source code. We just need a large team of programmers working on it full time to get it all working right.

Let's keep OpenSim free, Opensource. Lets use this opportunity to bring OpenSim from old Second Life broken code. And bring it all up to current tech levels :)

Source Code

High Fidelity:
CtrlAltStudio Viewer:
Singularity Viewer:
FireStorm Viewer:

Article in question:

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Live now

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We have added a list of Dharma Books that we recommend with links at amazon in case anyone is interested in them.

Will add more over time.

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For those that are working on getting a stats page to work, I have been helping a few and realized that I had installed something on my system that in my ignorance was not aware was needed for the stats pages.

contains a pdf that gives extra instructions of what to add to your php 7 install.

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Ok I have added a few more Opensim Files, if anyone linked to them please check your links as we only have pdf's up now. There is a few new files I will create for Ubuntu 16.04 over the next few weeks... But other then that people should be good.

Was helping someone the other day and noticed that I had forgotten to make and upload the Robust PDF, wow what a space case... Will get it up this week, as well have a few updates for the others.

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looking for some code so that some one speaking at a podium for example that is in a group or access list can as have a preloaded note card ie a speech and maybe graphics, and maybe YouTube videos? and it will all show up on a screen behind them.. I've seen this used in class's taught in second life...

We would like to be able to offer a few class's on different Buddhist topics, and have others offer them as well.

Translation should for the text be handled by the free translator..

Anyways if anyone has such a animal could I get a copy or be allowed to buy a copy which ever please and thank you.

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This coming Wednesday at 10:00 AM (and again on Thursday at 6:00 PM) I am teaching an intermediate scripting class "Scripting for Sitting" in the Kitely grid.
Class given in voice 'cause my hands (and yours) will be busy typing.
This is a two part class, the second half given on the following day.
Both parts will be repeated in the evening (Starting Thursday) for people in different time zones.

The not-so-simple sitting script. You would think that a script to sit an avatar on a prim would be simple, but there are a lot of little details you might need to know. This will be a mid-level scripting class that assumes you have some experience already. But if you are an experienced scripter you may not get bored. I'm going to describe some “best coding” practices and LSL optimization issues as I go along.
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