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The Protocol Layer of VN3T is responsible for the synchronisation of the card specific GPU grid computing using card specific drivers.

The drivers together create the environment on which the virtualization is built. Request from the Virtualization Layer (VL) are managed by a load balancing algorithm which will distribute Virtual Random Access Memory (VRAM) and Remote Processing call (RPC’s) to the Queue handlers which will request power from the router.
The router is responsible to send the acknowledgement ping to the VL and to handle ping response back to the MP associated with the request that was completed.

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Hardware Layer of Vn3t is the first and lowest Layer, which consist of virtualized GPU using cloud computing with mining rigs and large collection of GPU cards.

This layers handles the cooperative grid computing, using BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). This is managed using “mining” applications made available via our mining network client.

The cooperative grid computing will be organised in a GPU card specific environment. This environment is called a “Mining Pool” (MP) .

The mining pool collect the acknowledgement of allocation in the form of cryptographic signature stored until reconciled by the block confirmation service .

This is accomplished using a virtualization layer, over a driver layer and sync up GPU powers usable in a virtualized environment and allocated to specific virtual machine using “Proof of Allocation” algorithm.

The proof-of-allocations serve as a proofing methods for a quantity of processing power (GPU) allocated to a single virtualized environment. Each time a virtualized environment is used by the network, the using smart contract (buyers) will “sign” its allocation in the virtualized environment, that will in turn sign all users (miners) contributing to the environment. The signature are distributed by the peer-2-peer network in order of contributions, in bytes processed.

This Mining Pool dedicate its computing power using the drivers and router in Protocol Layer (PL).

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Data Visualization Tool
KPIs, or key performance indicators, are data that is used to measure the performance of an organization and various areas of its business.

In VN3T , the key performance indicators logics is used to built data relations. (e.g: age/gender/location/buys = 1 relation). It is a crucial part of extracting value from data sources. Each relations can be useful for an unlimited number of reasons.

VN3T makes this structuring and monetizing process of data easy and at a very low cost, using a Data Visualization Tool, which will enable the data provider to simply visualize the KPI relations that can be used and propose the best statistic calculation layer that can be extract from it and the estimated value and cost based on comparative in the market (if available). This tool is used for data processors as much as for algorithms services, which can also be mapped as relational KPI’s and so on.

Key Features
- Advanced analytics

- Create and manage complex data model

- Standard and customizable KPI reports, tracking KPI

- Ready to use for better data streaming, algorithm training

This visualization tool will help users find the value in the company’s Big Data and existing investments in Big Data technologies, so that a company gets the most out of its data.

These statistical calculation (KPI’s) becomes a data endpoint stream that is sold by :

● Auction (bid)

● Volume

● Bulk

● Time Period

As set by the data provider.

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“Never, never, never give up.” Winston Churchill
VN3T is continuously improving the architecture, introducing new solutions for better performance, safety and in security aspect.

Even though all the technologies and each individual component underlying.

VN3T platform are proved or vetted technologies, VN3T is still in early development stage and unproven yet. There is no warranty or assurance that the process for creating tokens will be uninterrupted or error-free and there is an inherent risk that the software could contain defects, weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

Here is what they say:

“We will never, never, ever give up until we delivered a true decentralized infrastructure as described in the abstract.”

The roadmap of VN3T:

2018 Q1:

Pre-sale launch

2018 Q2:

Public ICO launch / Development starts from Ethereum fork

2018 Q3:

New blockchain genesis launch. All tokens are replaced using VN3T’s public exchange smart token contracts

2018 Q4:

Mining beta application for NVIDIA cards (three types)

2019 Q1:

Beta release for data visualization tools, sandbox and marketplace web (Chrome, Edge) and mobile clients (Android, IOS)

2019 Q2:

Alpha release for data visualization tools, sandbox and marketplace web (Chrome, Edge) and mobile clients (Android, IOS)

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VN3T Infrastructure Layers
This section will describe in details the relation, data flow, and architecture of the different layers of VN3T infrastructure one by one. This architecture is kept willingly at the highest level, in order to be translated in the best programming language available for each components and their mutual interaction.

Hardware Layer:
This layers handles the cooperative grid computing, using BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). This is managed using “mining” applications made available via our mining network client. 

Protocol Layer :
The Protocol Layer is responsible for the synchronization of the card specific GPU grid computing using card specific drivers. 

Virtualization Layer:
The Virtualization layer is the cloud framework on which Virtual Machine (VM) are instantiated. 

Transactional Layer:
The TL is responsible for the channel interaction between the VM (either from data source or from algorithms services). 

Application Layer:
The application layer manage in interaction between application and the TL.

Users Layer:
The user layer is the touching point between actual end users and the differents applications.

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VN3T is a B2B infrastructure.
VN3T market acquisition strategy is based on agile development around a community of data and artificial Intelligence stakeholders, either from private or public organizations and by the proof-of-concept targeting singles users, with Virtuba Digital asset management and Legacy product.

Virtuba is Decentralized Permission-Based Digital Assets Managment Network, which was designed to secure digital assets in decision-making spheres of life & business and manage private documents from anywhere, and share them securely with key collaborators and experts.

Virtuba will prove the technology amongst a community of normal average users, for its privacy, security features. The nature of Virtuba product, will educate single user as to the management of their digital life, in full privacy.

It will open for future integration, where user would willingly select parts of digital life from which statistical indicator can be extracted.
This will enable slowly the integration of single user grouping of data resulting the the organic creation of valuable datasets.

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VN3T has started ICO Custodian Fund creation

This stage is the formation of the custodian funds for the continuous ICO release over a period of 3 years.
The custodian fund will enter a contract in which it will be responsible for the sell, marketing and general trading management in exchange of a commissioned over the sales.
The custodian fund will deposit an amount of 500K USD to secure the contract rights. This amount will be considered final and will be accessible for vn3t right away.

This will be done in stages , called release. Theses release will be 1/10th of the whole fund separated on a pre-ordered schedule.
The first release is the presale. Second release is 6 month (2 quarter report) later, and then each quarterly report so on. All non-sold token for each of the release are then traded the next quarter by the funds respecting the integral value of tokens. All non-traded coins of this same release the next quarter will be burned.

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As announced at, last week there was data breach which impacted 1.6 million users.
Unknown attackers were able to gain access to "locations that stored personal information of some of TIO's customers and customers of TIO billers."
This seems to be from security vulnerabilities on the TIO platform and issues with TIO's data security program that do not adhere to PayPal's information security standards."

In 2017 one estimate places 85% of business assets thus, the cost associated with security concerns are deemed to explode. In the perspective of data monetization, this justify concerns from the data processors about security breach and data protection.

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Decentralized marketplace for global data network by VN3T will bring great benefits to providers and buyers of this system.

1. Data Processors (Algorithm Providers)
Data processors get data as a service, so they do not need to make the upfront investment in hardware to get the data they require. Another advantage for both buyer types is that VN3T provides access to data from around the marketplace, give a new way to enrich their service quality and features.
An algorithm provider will earn between 50–55% of the amounts received and pay a small recurring fee for putting the sensor on the platform.

2. Data Providers
Data providers are able to directly monetize their data to generate passive income that will turn a sunk cost into a potential money maker, or at least the opportunity to recoup some of their investments.
We expect they will get at least 30~40%.

3. Hardware Providers
Hardware providers will win in VN3T platform as the platform mostly take unused resources from the hardware providers, network operators which give them external opportunity to get more benefit without more investment into its own hardware system.
They will earn 10 % of amount for lending free resources of their computing power, storage.

4. Data Buyers
Data Buyers will get at least of 5% of amount for well structured, qualified data from vast amount of data processors and with visualization tool provided by VN3T.

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Most machine learning algorithms currently available are commonly known as “narrow artificial intelligence (AI)”.
With the breakthrough of deep learning, the advent of reinforced learning, and “policy based” decision making AI, in the next ten (10) years more decision making AIs will be commonly found.

Starting with self-driving cars which make ethical choices based on a regulations framework, complex chat bots and smart trading bots AI will occupy an important, vital position in many aspects of society.
With VN3t data stream services, it will become possible for AI decision making to develop in real-time using live data streams as well as complex services and create innovative solutions.

This can be achieved by following free market and game theory based approaches using “building block” architectures. When this infrastructure is well in place, VN3T will be able to offer abstract data from a single user perspective. Users will be able to pool fixed KPI elements with similar users, creating organic data set streams.

For the network to be distributed in an uncontrolled and fully peer-to-peer manner, VN3T uses Blockchain technology. Its mining system allocates powerful GPU calculation power in the form of cooperative GPU pooling. This virtualized environment will optimize the confirmation, calculation and transaction process time at “state-of-the-art” level.

In VN3T’s marketplace, each model is deployed into a virtual machine instance — similar to Apache, Amazon, Digital Ocean. The virtual machines are open stack, pure cloud computing instance, beginning with Linux/Mac and windows distribution which manage all transactions issued by the priority owner of the instance and run algorithmic data operations using GPU powers with standardized input/out (I/O) data streaming channel. All transactions, such as allocating GPU power to a virtual machine, to virtual RAM (VRAM), data streaming, etc., are paired with smart contract which will notify the system and run after proof of contract.
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