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If someone asks to be mod and u say yes don't say ask the owner cause if they mod ill have to ban you

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Art credit:Arty joyful

Funtime foxy



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new here too

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Hi I'm new here!
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Name: Torch Amaterasu

Title: Apostolos

Rank: Lord (Rogue)

Class: Sith Marauder/Assassin

Age: 30(true age is unknown)

Gender: Male

Race: Mandalorion

Homeworld: Mandalor

Hair color: Black with red highlights

Eye color: Black eye sclera with red irises and circles in the middle of the irises with three dots on each circle.

Force sensitivity: High

Force powers: Push, lightning, saberthrow, maelstrom, pull, choke, rage, jump, speed, punch and grab

Weapons: Primary weapon-single double ended lightsaber with red blades

Secondary weapon- a pair of normal lightsabers with black blades.

Bio: I don't know when I was born or how long I have been alive, but I do know that the Sith tried to raise and train me to be the ultimate weapon against the Jedi. I was continuously subjected to experimentation and augmentation so that I can be stronger and more powerful than a Jedi Grand Master. I was made extremely malicious in all areas of experience. Including fighter battles.

They had found me at the age of 15 when I was stealing to feed my parents and sister. They had two of of their followers pose as jedi and kill my parents and sister in front of me to unlock my full potential of the dark side.

After that I had willing followed their every command in order to get my revenge for the family I lost. And it had worked for a good 10-15 year, until back fired when I found out that they had killed my parents and sister instead of the Jedi. I had used my newly acquired skills and powers to kill dozens before they had finally subdued me.

I've been in cryogenic slumber for over two millennias waiting for my chance to get back at the Sith for turning me in a weapon. And it seemed that I got chance for revenge when the moon I was hidden away on had a massive earthquake. The ground covering me had split open causing my now increased unusually dark energy of the force spilling out of the fissure.

It had not only caught the attention of the now returned Sith Empire but also the attention of the Jedi Order. Which in turn made Jedi Master Obiwan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker very curious.
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Hi everyone. Im new here. :3
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Hi everyone thxs +Bella Wolf​ for the invite
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Can I be mod

+Blue Gaming​ is owner to ^^
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