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Name and general information
//First Name// Bacon
//Middle Name//
//Last Name// Dreemurr
//Nicknames// 606, Hacker606
//Age// 19
//Nationality// Half Korean Half England
//Birthday// April 24
//Any Powers//

//Parents// Deceased
//Residence// Sunrise Residence
//Cousins// Unkown

//Picture// ( Down below )
//Hair Colour & Styles// Spiky red hair
//Eye Colour// Red
//Recognizable Features// Eyebags
//Clothes// Green sweater with black ends
//Height// 5'5
//Weight// 45.1 kg

Life & Personality
//Neutral Mood// Random
//When Happy// Gentle Smile
//When Sad// Emotionless face
//When Angry// Emotionless face and twitching head
//Sexuality// Straight
//Likes// Cats, Chips, Hacking, Friends
//Dislikes// Unfriendly People

//Childhood// 606 was nicknamed 606 since everyone hates her like a virus , at the age of 10 her parents died, after that she had insomnia which causes the eyebags under her eyes, 606 grew up rather emotionless.

//Teenage// 606 became identified as 606 and she attends a university and is a hacker too, you can often see her hacking randomly or bugging Jumin's cat, Elizabeth The 3rd, she becomes a softie when it comes to cats or friends.
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~Name and gernal information.~
//first name.// Sean
//middle name.// Philip
//surname.// Brunel
//nicknames.// shorty (hates it)
//age.// 15
//nationality.// Half Norweigan Half Irish
//birthday.// 15/4/2002
//any powers.// no powers

//parents [adopted or biological].// (adopted) Paul Brunel, Mia Brunel
//siblings.// none
//cousins./ none

//picture.// below
//hair. Colour and style.// Sean has black hair with dark blue tips. He likes wearing it with three prongs at the front and three prongs at the back
//eye colour.// Dark Blue
//reconisgable feautures.// Sean is usually holding a cigar
//clothes.// Sean wears a purple hoodie and black jeans
//height.// haven't really decided her but short for a fifteen year old
//weight.// N/A

~life and personality.~
//nerual mood.// Sean is usually pretty quiet but does talk with his friends
//when happy.// Sean is usually jumpy when he's happy but not very much
//when sad.// when Sean is sad he doesn't really like to show it, it would take a keen eye to notice if he's sad. Sometimes though he just lets it out and cries
//when angry.// when Sean is angry, he doesn't really let people near him and only talks to his close friends about it
//sexuality.// Bisexual
//likes.// Sean likes exploring alot and loves to be around his friends, he also liked drawing in odd time
//dislikes.// Sean dislikes the rain and absolutely hates it when he's sick because he can't be with his friends and can't explore

//childhood.// Sean had a nice childhood, he did get in trouble in odd time and it was hard at school because he would be bullied for being quiet, although he wasn't bullied that much. He would always love to climb trees and run around in fields with friends, playing tag and hide and seek.
//teenage years.// when Sean was a teenager, he had to move schools and had to leave behind all of his close friends. He was sad about it but kept going. Eventually, around when he had only turned 15, he got peer pressured into smoking a cigar but didn't stop afterwards and became an underage smoker.
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~Name and gernal information.~
//first name.// Alois
//middle name.//
//surname.// Green
//nicknames.// Al. Grass. (Hates them both)
//age.// 15
//nationality.// English
//birthday.// 5/5/2002
//any powers.// he can heal people's pain, psyhical and mental, though he would have to take their stress if it is mental..

//parents [adopted or biological].// biological:John Green, Marget Green. They are terrible parents, so Alois usually stays with friends.
//siblings.// he's an only child.
//cousins.// Tommy Green and Anne Green.

//picture.// DOWN BELOW!!!!!!!!!
//hair. Colour and style.// black, Light yagami style.
//eye colour.// red.
//reconisgable feautures.// His eyed would be. But... he usually has a few cuts or bruises... from home...
//clothes.// blue shirt, denim jeans, black runners, red and white jacket.
//height.// 5'5
//weight.// 100 pounds

~life and personality.~
//nerual mood.// he seems quiet, and shy but upbeat... through, it's just a cover.
//when happy.// he smiles and givee hugs.
//when sad.// he cries, but stays well away from everyone to hide.
//when angry.// he'll pertend everything is fine, then leave and scream.
//sexuality.// gay.
//likes.// he likes being with his friends and summer months. He likes ice cream and hugs too.
//dislikes.// his parents.... bullies,...his parents.. snobs...his parents...people being in pain.... His parents.

//childhood.// born to young parents who never wanted a child, Alois always felt alone. He would always try to make friends but failed most of the time..
//teenage years.// at 14, he delvoped anorexia and met his friends, he loved to hang out with them since he was unwanted and beat and home. He's very very VERY protective of his friends and won't let them be upset or let anyone harm them.

If ya want a template.

~Name and gernal information.~
//first name.//
//middle name.//
//any powers.//

//parents [adopted or biological].//

//hair. Colour and style.//
//eye colour.//
//reconisgable feautures.//

~life and personality.~
//nerual mood.//
//when happy.//
//when sad.//
//when angry.//

//teenage years.//

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a teenage boy, that looks to be around 13 years old is walking through the park nearby

+Tobias Erin Rogers​


Everyone knows each other.

NoSocialLife has logged on. (Alois)

NoSocialLife is typing

Hey.. anyone on?

If not, i'll leave....

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+Jennifer Cipher
+Lili Cipher
+Tobias Erin Rogers
+Chris Melia

Keep all these in mind while creating your character 

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My second character

Just need to make profile 

Everyone please remember to make and draw your character for this and post everything in the right categories to keep everything in order

Also you'll notice one of the categories is possible ships

lenny face

And please remember you can make up to 3 characters 

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I've got the drawing for my character i just need to make his profile
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