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The Magnificent Duo will be giving away $$$ and prizes on 3/2  This is the webinar to be on Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos have have negotiated with the top quality product vendors
to give you unbelievable discounts on several different great products...
It's called Auction Webinar. The first rule of Auction Webinar is no one watches a replay of it. 


$1500 in Cash
$1000 in Cash
$500 in Cash
iPad Mini
iPod touch
Lot of training courses & software!

This is a one off event don't miss it!

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Will and Jason are at it again.. Don't miss this webinar
Here is why you won't want to: 11 weird services to local businesses... She does weird services like "vendor management" for local businesses and gets paid big time... Find out how in this free training: Best of all, she is neither a jack of all trades OR a master of any of them :)
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