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I would like to play some Pokemon AS, Moon and Y with you guys, feel free to add me and leave your fc as well so i can add you back :)

FC: 2896 - 2311 - 6908
Nickname: Kenny

Have a nice day!

2337 8877 8299 my friend code... New to this but got Mario cart 7 and looking to get animal crossing and Pokemon soon

Send me you friend codes and I'll add you back

My friend code is 5172-4516-5491. My name is Olivia. I own the games: -Pokémon Sun -Pokémon Omega Ruby -Pokémon Y - Animal Crossing New Leaf -AC Happy Home Designer -Super Smash Brothers -Tomodachi Life -Story of Seasons-super mario 3d. Everyone's welcome to add me and I'll do the same

Drop your FCs below and lmk when you added me

Hiya! I'm really looking for new people to play Pokemon Sun & Moon with but multiplayer-wise I have that and Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario Kart 7 and Super Smash Bros. 3ds. Feel free to add me as well as leave your friend code and I'll add you back!


Firends code:

I adds everyone!

My games:
- Pokemon (y, or ,moon)
- Monster hunter

0619-8956-9371 is my code I have kid Icarus uprising ,Mario kart 7, smash bros 3ds, Mario party island tour, Pokemon moon, animal crossing new leaf, dragon ball fusion, kirby clash deluxe ,and Mario sports super stars I'll those back once you send your code to me

4656 6759 4513 RanZilla i got over 60+ 3DS games. I'm always on my 3DS daily. I'm a daily player that plays for hours. I love using Swapdoodle and Flipnote Studio 3D. So come holla at me by leave y'all Friend codes in the comments. Thanks!!!

Fc: 4055 8637 6347
Nick: Not

I play pokemon x and moon

Please add me. I have 4 codes.

0362 0922 9631
2166 0095 4355
2896 1580 4510
5258 4361 6952

I will add everyone back.

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