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It’s a special bonus episode this week, as Jenny and Peter recap their Fear the Con experiences! Peter also recently wrote about his very emotional slot 6 game, and if you haven’t read that yet, you really should. Special thanks to everyone involved in planning and producing Fear the Con; everyone we gamed with; and everyone who helped with the charity drive for Pat this year!

Also, our apologies for any audio issues in this episode; this was recorded on a single microphone designed for one person, so there was a lot of handing the mic back and forth. (On the other hand, this was recorded on Jenny’s new audio equipment, so look forward to a better sound from her on future episodes!)

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Grant, Peter, and Jenny discuss playing characters who are much better—or much worse—at things than you yourself are! This topic was selected by our Patreon backers, whom we’re very grateful for and who bring you this show every other week. First, though, we spend some time discussing Fear the Con X (which was last weekend, and which Peter and Jenny will run down next episode.) We also briefly discuss Overwatch and Dead Cells. We answer a question about wargaming from Patreon backer Kevin, and then get down to business—which includes a lengthy rant from Grant, and a surprising amount of bickering!

Mentioned in this episode: Dexter Manley; the Campaign podcast.

Scripture: Exodus 4:10, Isaiah 53:1-3, 1 Corinthians 9:22

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Really happy with this episode. Also, please do take a few minutes to watch and listen to the sermon linked in the show notes. You'll find it worth your time.
It's a new STG episode, this time on the high and difficult art of naming your characters! Plus, we spend some time talking about renaming characters (an underutilized trick), as well as the weight and meaning of names. We also answer a question from Patreon supporter Rich about play-by-post gaming. Enjoy!

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This is a pretty great article about using monotheistic faiths - specifically, Catholic Christianity - in traditional (A)D&D campaigns.

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Not sure if anyone in the community can make it to central Illinois January 27-29th, but if so, I hope to see you there!
Winter War starts the 27, so that means I've got about 24 days to get everything ready for the weekend.

So far, I've printed out playbooks and basic move sheets for both Monster of the Week games, my Masks game, the Sprawl, and World Wide Wrestling.

I know what the mysteries are going to be for the MOTW games, and the general plot for the Masks and Sprawl game, and all I need to know for the WWWRPG game is that the episode we play through is going to be a winter pay per view (on Sunday afternoon, naturally).

Need to get some more formal structure hashed out for the games that have plots, and probably do some reading to refresh my memory on the bits that aren't common to all Powered by the Apocalypse games.

I'm just a bit saddened that the new job meant that I had to cancel the Action Movie World game I was going to run Friday afternoon (but I'm excited about the new job, so sacrifices must be made).

I know I don't post a lot guys and I am sorry but I had a friend die this afternoon and he left behind a wife and 3 kids. Please pray for them.

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Grant's back at the blogging desk this week, with another update and play report from our ongoing D&D campaign. This time: Giant snakes! Giant beetles! Giant fungi! Giant rats! Giant ... look, you get the idea.

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Thought this was a good read, worth a share.

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Naturally, we had an amazing time with our Gameable Disney friends this week. I think we also produced a really solid episode as well—or rather, TWO episodes, because we went so long we had to split this into two parts! (Seriously, we had two and a half hours of raw audio from this recording.) This might also be the first time ever that The Care Bears Movie and The Crow were used as examples of anything in the same podcast. Enjoy, folks!
Ep. 91, "Creating a Moral Universe, Parts 1 & 2 (with Kris & Katrina Ehrnman-Newton)"

Kris and Katrina Ehrnman-Newton, hosts of the inimitable Gameable Saturday Morning Podcast (and its previous Gameable Pixar and +Gameable Disney iterations), join us for an episode so monstrously huge we had to make it a two-parter! This time, we’re talking about design considerations for a “moral universe”—the assumptions built into a fictional setting about the consequences and decisions that affect characters’ moral efforts. We start with our Patreon backer question, this time about potential real dangers of gaming. Then across two episodes, we cover the design aspects of a moral universe in great detail, and wrap up talking about the challenges and opportunities these present at the gaming table.

Scripture: Genesis 3:22-24, Amos 2:6-7, Matthew 5:44-45

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I blogged this week instead of +Peter Martin, giving a rundown and analysis of our first D&D session!
What strange bloggery is this!? In lieu of Peter's usual blog post, Grant's giving a play report on the first session of our D&D campaign, along with analysis of his GMing choices before and during the game. Enjoy the read (especially the bit about the shark!) and let us know if you'd like to see more of this sort of thing.
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