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nlpkerala provides master public speaking and presentation skills in kerala. Presentation is everything. When you have effective presentation skills, your will be able to entertain, inform, inspire, and get your audience to take action. Connect with your audience or make them feel connected to each other. For more info call - 9895603342.

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Master Public Speaking And Presentation Skills course you learn how to create more impact when you present, speak with more confidence, and connect with your audiences.Being a strong presenter can open new professional opportunities, enhance your visibility and improve your credibility with stakeholders, clients. if you want to be taken seriously and succeed in your organization,then join nlp kerala,Thiruvananthapuram.

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Yoga is the methodology with which to unveil the miracle that exists right in front of our faces and inside ourselves....🧘‍♂️

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There are some mysteries to life we were not meant to solve. But who we are and why we are here are not among them. Those answers we carry inside of us. Defend your purpose and live to the fullness of your potential.

Christian Joshua
Committed to helping you discover purpose, LIVE FULL & DIE EMPTY.

#ChristianJoshua #LCWCJ #LifeCoach #Purpose

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Sometimes back, I was in my room thinking about life, people and nature. I went ahead to ask myself some questions and something popped up in my mind. Who is a friend and what is the true nature of a friend? Well, I was unable to get any vivid answer at that moment but as time went by, I got the right answers. Here is what Tyler Perry says about people and friends.

“There are three types of people. The first sets of people are the leaf people, the second are branch people and the third are root people. Kindly click here to read full content:

Christian Joshua
Committed to helping you Discover Purpose.

#ChristianJoshua #LCWCJ #Purpose #People #Friends #LIFECOACH

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ACTS Club 416 will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary at the 4/17/2018 Meeting.

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Developing The Speaker Within You: Using PowerPoint

PowerPoint to speaking appears to be what oxygen is to living: we can't survive without it.

Or so it seems.

Such is the pervasiveness of the screen, the light show as some call it, that many speakers cannot, or will not get up without it. It seems to have become a badge of honor to have a sensational PowerPoint presentation to accompany our presentation.

Or is that in place of our presentation?

Recently I dared to stand before an august group of business people without the assistance of PowerPoint. Afterwards, one of the attendees came up to me and remarked that it was a brave move, but it worked. Today it is almost unheard of to attempt a presentation without all of the text, images, color and pizzazz that comes with a self-respecting PowerPoint show.

But is that normal? Should it be?

The reality is that PowerPoint is a very powerful tool, delivering sensational outcomes when used properly. But, a little bit goes a long way. Like adding salt or pepper to food, the right amount serves us wonderfully, but too much is awful!

Indeed, Less is More when it comes to supporting tools like PowerPoint. Too much text, too many slides, too many dot points are very much like sleeping pills in their effect on an audience.

It is evident that visual aids can add a critical lift to some presentations. But how much is too much? And how should this tool be used?

Let's see...

Really, really successful presenters like the inimitable Steve Jobs always keep simplicity as one of their core principles. They only use one key thought to a slide, and often just one key thought for the whole address.

Their visual presentation is used to support them in what they say and present, not used a crutch.

Unfortunately some speakers have become lazy and rely on PowerPoint to carry the presentation completely. OK, it may be necessary to lean on PowerPoint heavily if we are simply given the presentation to deliver by a third-party. Especially if it's not our core area of competency.

This happens.

But if we are building the presentation ourselves we should resist the urge to create a full length feature movie and simply keep to the facts.

Here are some things to remember:

PowerPoint is not mandatory. We shouldn't be pushed into doing it if we don't want to.

Never have more than around ten slides in a presentation, and if possible keep it down to five or six.

Never have more than five dot points per slide, and ideally no more than three. The fewer the better.

Always use consistent transitions right through the entire presentation to avoid audience distraction. Sometimes it pays to use no transitions, so the margin for formatting error is reduced.

The incidence of formatting errors and difficulties will drop if we save our presentation as an older version of PowerPoint, say 97-2003, as many conference hosts still use older versions.

Remember, when moving our presentation from PC to USB stick to PC and so forth, the potential for the presentation to malfunction rises greatly.

It pays to always run the presentation on the hosts system before we get up to speak, and check it carefully before delivering it to make sure that no errors have been introduced.

Always use consistent colors, fonts and templates right through the whole presentation. It is very distracting to the audience if we skip around all over the place with visuals.

Take great care with our choice of colors. Avoid pale pastel colors: soft yellows, blues and greens and so forth. They may look great on our PC while building the presentation, but will likely be invisible when played on the big screen. It's too late when we are standing before the audience, to realize that our key slides are invisible.

Acronyms. Wow! Take care to minimize the use of these, as we can safely guarantee that not everyone in the room will know them all.

Simplicity is key. Avoid deeply technical jargon unless absolutely necessary, and superfluous text. A confused audience is not our goal.

It is a good idea for our first slide to outline where the presentation will go, and likewise a good idea to finish with a thank you and our preferred contact details: Twitter, email, cell number and so forth.

Have a backup plan if the file is corrupted or won't display properly. Always have two USB sticks loaded, and if it is a really important event, take the laptop along as the ultimate fallback to run the show, or make edits at the last-minute.

Oh, and by the way, always use a clean USB stick. Not one that has other files on it as well. You know... our company's financial reports or other sensitive material. You get the picture, right, you just don't want everyone else to get it as well.

Avoid having purely technical material and remember to show some life, emotional content. People are different, some will relate to the numbers and formulae, but others will remember the visuals more so.

Finally, the use of PowerPoint is not an excuse to be lazy and not put the effort into the standard of presentation that our audience deserves.

Let's all use PowerPoint to the full, and harness the power that is in it, but not use it as a crutch in place of our real presentation, or in place of the real us.


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ACTS Club 416 had a full house with 10 speakers for our Spring 2018 Speaker's Clinic. Thanks to all those who helped with this endeavor and to all the speakers. A special thanks again to Munjen Ng and CLUB TO WORLD for participating in our virtual meeting. ACTS is the oldest Speakers Bureau in D100. We have experienced speakers and our clinics will transform your life. #acts416 #speakersbureau #professionalspeaker #publicspeaker
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Looking forward to this show.
At 11a PT • Walt interviews +Eldonna Lewis Fernandez – Say Yes To Opportunity • Eldonna Lewis Fernandez has some fascinating stories to tell, illustrating what happens when you say YES to opportunities.
As CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc., Eldonna Lewis Fernandez dispenses leadership, negotiation and communication training to corporate clients and small business owners internationally. Her business is built on a 23-year career as a contract specialist in the Air Force, where she negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of domestic and international contracts – everything from pens and paper to office machines, automotive parts and aircraft maintenance.
After retiring from the Air Force, Eldonna spent 10 years as a contracts administrator, negotiator and systems analyst for aerospace companies such as Raytheon, Sparta and Parsons. She worked with Raytheon and the U.S. Navy on the F-18 Radar program, and with Sparta and Parsons on satellite launch programs for the Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles Air Force Base.
Today, her corporate workshops and keynotes cover a variety of topics – everything from negotiating skills to leading effective meetings and becoming a self-leader, which she defines as “asking for what you want, and owning the power to stand up for yourself.”
The award-winning speaker and author is one of 69 Toastmaster Accredited Speakers worldwide. She enlivens every keynote, workshop or breakout session with games or simulations. “You remember it because you are experiencing the information rather than passively listening to it,” she says.
Eldonna has written two books: Think Like A Negotiator, 50 Ways to Create Win Win Results by Understanding the Pitfalls to Avoid and GoPINK Rules of Engagement: 5 Foundational Principles for Taking Control of the Handlebars of Your Life. She also co-authored Heart of a Military Woman, a compilation of stories by, for and about military women.
Among her many media credits, she has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Business, Fox News and CNN, and been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes and The Huffington Post.

• Listen to the show live or to the podcast later >

#StandUpSpeakUp #WaltGrassl #Leadership #FromShyToEmpowered #ShowUp #SayYes #InvestInYourself #SmallSteps #ProgressOverPerfection #DoTheWork #AskQuestions #TellYourStories #TrustButVerify
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