(Bill) (sees some kids playing) hey can I play?
(Kid #1) shut up bill no one cares about you

im walking to school looking ill

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(Rose) is sitting under a tree (This is before her life is ruined and she turns into a half robot girl)

Name: Rose
Age: 6
Likes: Almost everything. :P
Dislikes: When others are mad, sad, or showing any negative emotions

Walking to school I really don't want to go to school.........meeeeeeehhh. And why am I walking by myself in Kindergarten? Oh wait I'm ROSSUME that's why! Clue says this while walking

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Name: Garroth.
Age: 5.
Likes: I love everything and everyone!
Dislikes: confection, when offends.
Bio: You know.
Pet: Rabbit Goldy.

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(Making a chracter here)

Name :Gerald
Age : 5
Likes : Venus, Movies, sodaz
Dislike : People Attacking, Disturbed
Bio : Venus Is Alvays There For Me Vhenever I need Help .So I Must Help Her In KINDERGARDEN As Vell
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goes outside for recess with Leigh

is eating ice cream
(Samantha) ha a lollipop Lollipops are better.
(Me) What ever. eats ice cream

Knock knock
Who's there

Who ever is on let's roleplay during an O'Khasis invasion
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