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Prevent Human Trafficking

Prevent Human Trafficking (PHT) is a Washington, D.C., based non-profit organization working to build a bridge between South East Asia and the United States to prevent human trafficking. PHT empowers individuals, organizations and governments to tackle the root causes of human trafficking through direct support and technical assistance. PHT uses its expertise and networks to promote best practice and inspire sustainable solutions in the movement to prevent human trafficking.

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Hi All,

Last week I attended a panel discussion about the book Half the Sky that was presented by the Chicago Foundation for Women. There is an upcoming play that follows the story of four young victims of trafficking her in Chicago. Thought you all might be interested!

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Global Cafe: Human Trafficking Panel Recording 

We had some audio issue in the first part of the panel presentation but this is what we recorded in the second part. The panelist were great and offered very stimulating conversations between academics and practitioners. Please browse the resources of this forum to get information and links to documents and programs mentioned by the panelists. Thank you to Brooke Lautz who moderated the panel and thank you to our presenters: 

Professor Jody Raphael
DePaul University - Law School

Hon. Ann Breen-Greco,
Director, District 8 National Association of Women Judges and Liaison from NAWJ to the ABA Human Trafficking Task Force Administrative Law Judge/Hearing Officer Attorney and Arbitrator/Mediator 

Kristin Claes Mathews
Communications Manager 
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE)

Elyse Dobney, MSW
Volunteer Manager, Salvation Army STOP IT Initiative Against Human Trafficking

For more information about the panel, other experts and training programs in the area of anti-human trafficking please contact Liz Wilp, 

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The next Global Cafe on June 26 (see flyer below) will feature a panel experts including academics and practitioners of Chicago based organizations active in combatting human trafficking. Share the flyer with interested people in your network. 

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Traffick Free hosts an annual Freedom Forum featuring a panel of experts in the area of housing and social services. Today, there are less than 600 beds in the entire United States and an estimated 16,000-25,000 victims of human trafficking in Chicagoland alone. You do the math. The need for housing and social services for survivors is significant. This Freedom Forum showcase leaders in Chicago who specialize in meeting this need in the areas of homelessness and trafficking. 

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These two topics of our global cafe are connected. Check the video below and the resources / campaign at

The 'Buy Responsibly' campaign aims at preventing trafficking in persons for forced and/or exploited labour in industrialized countries by raising awareness on the link between everyday products and the exploitative conditions under which eventually trafficked persons may have produced them. 

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Today is the International Day against Child Labor. On this day ILO has released a new report. An estimated 10.5 million children worldwide – most of them under age – are working as domestic workers in people’s homes, in hazardous and sometimes slavery-like conditions, says the ILO.

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The International Migration Organization (IOM) offers numerous information and assistance in the fight against human trafficking. "While the global scale of human trafficking is difficult to quantify precisely, as many as 800,000 people may be trafficked across international borders annually, with many more trafficked within the borders of their own countries. Organized criminal groups are earning billions of dollars in profits from trafficking and exploiting people - many of whom are victims of severe human rights violations.

Trafficked persons are often victims to abuse such as rape, torture, debt bondage, unlawful confinement, and threats against their family or other persons close to them as well as other forms of physical, sexual and psychological violence. 
The demand for cheap labour, sexual services and certain criminal activities are among the root causes of trafficking while a lack of opportunity, resources and social standing are other contributing factors." 

Read the IOM handbooks and learn more at the link below

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This a well done overview of the main issues, distinctions and realities connected to modern slavery and human trafficking. 

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The Salvation Army developed the PROMISE model (Partnership to Rescue our Minors from Sexual Exploitation) to combat the sexual trafficking of children was launched in Chicago in January of 2005. Learn more at
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