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Maker Camp tomorrow 1pm (Tuesday) I'm bringing my vacuum molding setup. Tania is helping run a mosaic paving stone activity. I have bought some cement and there are lots of little tiles and beach glass pieces. We could use some small clamshell boxes (like for taking home leftovers) to use as the molds. I hope others are coming since I am the only one on the rsvp. 

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After the 17th and the 25th meetings I hope we can put together a larger event on the 30th and make it more public invite. I hope involved families can help put it on and each "run" an activity - some of the same ones we have run previous weeks. Please let me know if you think you could run an activity?

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We are meeting on Monday the 17th at 1pm

Thanks everyone for a great day at Maker Camp! Can't believe I forgot to take pix. Can everyone put pix of their projects up here? By the way, Andrea says that the sun projects should be ironed before washing in order to retain the color best. 

Attention! Be sure to wear "painting clothes" today! 

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Hi Everyone!

I read and watched quite a few tutorials online about sun printing (using sunlight activated paint). I like the Klutz crafts book with the simple instructions and move photos. Anyway I think it would be best to use bandanas for sun prints for the following reasons:
- Using foam brushes, the kids could paint the whole bandanna over in a short time, pick out and arrange their items on top and start drying them outside in the sun within 20 minutes. We would like them to be completely dry by the time we are finished and need to clean up and take the bandannas home.
- For bandannas we don't have to worry about painting on the other side. We want the paint to saturate the fabric. If we use the shirts for sun printing, we need to put in cardboard sheets inside to prevent bleed through of the paint from the front of the shirt to the back, and then paint and dry the front of the shirt first. Then they need to turn over and paint and dry the back separately. We could use stencils to paint only on the front of the shirt but that will not be the same experience as painting the entire fabric with the paint first and laying items on top of the paint as masks, which is the whole point of the sun printing technique. Painting over the entire shirt with foam brush may take a longer time, and by the time we put the shirts out in the sun, they will not have time to dry completely before it's time to go home.
- So I'm thinking for sun printing we should use bandannas instead of shirts and that way we would have time to finish. Often kids work slower that expected.

If we prefer to paint shirts, I have Indigo tie dye paint left over still and I bought soda ash yesterday. Tie dye shirts get complete painted so we don't need to worry about inserting cardboard to prevent soaking.

We could also do both projects. We could do the bandanna sun prints first and while they are drying in the sun, and we could tie dye shirts. To save time, the kids could even fold/twist/scrunch and band their shirts at home, so that we could put the shirts in the soda ash solution as soon as we arrive. The shirts would soak in the soda ash while they are working on their by bandanas (20-30minutes Max. ) and then while the bandannas are drying in the sun, they could color their shirts.

Michaels sells white cotton bandanas for I think $2.99 and the T-shirts are usually on sale for $2.50-3.00 or if they are regular price, you can use the coupon. Everyone can purchase their own items. I don't mind buying the bandannas for everyone to save the trip for all of you.

What do you think? Let me know what you prefer.

Who is planning to be there on Wednesday?


We will meet for Maker Camp on Tuesday at 1pm (July 11th). Our theme will be textiles although we will have other projects too. We will have decorating our camp t-shirts. Andrea also says we will do sun printing with bandanas. And we can sew glove octopi. Plus we'll still have playdoh, duplos, Knex, perler beads lots of other projects around. 

As for tie dye, we have many other fabric paint colors at the Grange, we don't need to use the Indigo purple and green.

For supplies, we will need lots of old newspapers. For sun printing, each child will need a hard work surface like cardboard/foam/plastic/wood board/cookie sheet/pizza box etc. The bandanna has to stay flat on the board while drying. Alternatively, the kids could work on one of the table, making sure there is place for each bandanas next to each other, and when they are all ready, we can carry that table out to the sun. I can even set up the painting outside in the shade and move the table into the sun when they are ready. 

Are we on for tomorrow (wednesday) at 1pm? Can I bring anything?
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