Anyone up for getting some mp achievements in tropico5

What is the best way of suppress a faction?
I have Tropico 4, for be more exact, I want to destroy the Capitalist Faction, I know there was a edict in Tropico 3: Absolute Power that let you outlaw a faction but generated lots of rebels
When I started my game, I decided to just arrest and kill them, but after a while, because it wasn't working, I decided to stop and let them live before all Tropico is purged
But now, I'm a little bored, so, how do I suppress a faction? Thanks

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Who is better?
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Tropico 1
Tropico 2
Tropico 3
Tropico 4
Tropico 5

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Hello tropicans please like and subscribe!!

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I bought this game on the psn network gotta say this is a fun, and it realy passes the time when playing it.... also I made this parody of mosr of the notifications that pop up and missions on the game..

let's play online?

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I wish you guys wouldn't leave me hanging here! I would LOVE to see this community active

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Here it is Tropico 1!!
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