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How to Get Best Over Ear Headphonese
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Cut off the wires, without sacrificing the sound quality and the style.

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Top Rated Wireless Earbuds for Easy Listening

Make your life easier and have comfy life with wireless earbuds. Listen to music while running, in the gym or even when you are cooking. Make music your life and love the sounds.

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#KZ ZS5 DD+ Balanced Armature Octa Hybrid Driver In-Ear #Earphone Detachable Cable Metallic Blue and Gray HiFi Earphone

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Tech Zilla with another First, my review of the Roam Game On Dual-EQ HiFi Bass In-Ear HEadphones, Find out why you should definately consider buying these. Great Value for money and audiophile quality, the best in ear headphones i have heard in along time.
GameON means high output, ultra-low distortion sound that's incredibly clear. This isn't just a pair of earphones, this is a revolution in the way we experience music. This is how people IN the music industry hear it. Innovative ergonomic design and Sure-Fit Clips block outside noise, so there are no distractions on your pure musical and gaming journeys. Experience your favorite songs as you never have before. GameON will set your sound free. Leverage true hi-fi sound to become fully engaged with the nuances of your music and gaming. Audio is powerful, precise and detailed while environmental noise and distractions are muted.
Speak into the high-quality mic positioned at just the right height to pick up your voice, and hear your call perfectly even in the noisiest situations. Switch into ultra bass boost to kick your music into high gear and you won't be able to keep still, whether you're jamming out or working out. Audiophile Sound & Brushed Titanium Design by ROAM, Atari & Beats by Dr. Dre Co-Creator Steven Lamar.
Product Specs: GameON applies high-output, ultra-low distortion transducers which provide powerful, accurate bass, transparent midrange and crystal-clear highs. This cutting-edge technology truly produces exceptional sound. System: Two-way hybrid transducer system, comprised of a precision 10mm dynamic transducer and a high-efficiency, wide-bandwidth-balanced armature Woofer: High-excursion, Dual-Laminate Diaphragm 10mm high-performance transducer Tweeter: Ultra-low mass, extended bandwidth, high-precision balanced armature Directional Strut: 6061 Aluminum with integrated thermoplastic elastomer strain relief Performance
Frequency Response 15Hz to 22,000Hz
Impedance 18 Ohm (Zmin = 18Ω)
Sensitivity 105dB
Distortion Less than 0.8%
Attenuation 22dB
Mass 16G
Steven Lamar, Bio:Steven is the co-creator of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. He has been a passionate innovator in the audio industry for more than a decade. Steven founded ROAM to blend his expertise in audio with a desire to make mobile devices safer to use. Fueled by a dedication to the art of sound and a reverence for the artists who create it, Steven has created a unique way of giving people a new and enhanced power to listen to music the way they want with smart, wearable, superior-sounding earphones. ROAM is a proud supporter of Stand Up To Cancer.
The collaboration combines Atari’s iconic brand with ROAM’s stylish, high quality, earphones to create beautiful co-branded mobile audio products. This first Atari audio product is all about creating an extraordinary listening experience that isaccessible for everybody. We’re getting back to basics while blowing people’s mind with the audio quality. Keeping it simple, it’s all about iconic design and great sound." Sound Customization: No one sound fits all. With GameON, you can choose between audiophile mode and bass head mode – depending on what you’re listening to. Audiophile is the default frequency on every pair of GameON earphones. But you can easily and quickly toggle between audiophile and bass head modes – simply by pushing a button on the back of the Y splitter, opposite the iconic Atari logo. Earphone Customization: Ears are like fingerprints. Everyone’s is different. And very few of them are easy to fit with earphones. That’s why we created SureFIT ear tip horns to accompany the traditional silicon ear tips. Together with the various size ear tips included inside each GameON package, users can customize the fit with up to 27 different variations. With this brilliant and versatile solution, everyone can find a fit that’s music to their own ears. About the Movement: Music was NOT meant to be a commodity. Music is an art form. Created, refined and perfected by musicians.

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Plug in and forget the world!

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