My radio bud, Bud, and I want every precinct in the USA occupied by at least one progressive committed to GOTV efforts in that precinct by New Years Day 2014.  That's some 200,000 precincts.  Our "mission," should we choose to accept it, is to "fill" the precinct "positions" here in NY-21 with progressives and spread the message to the other CDs here in NY and the other 49 states.

Hey Wink,

This is a great project.  Thanks for inviting me to join.

I am just starting to work on voter registration.  My plan is to obtain the list of unaffiliated voters for St. Lawrence County and contact these voters about registering as Greens.  I will be asking these voters if they are interested in running for local political office and advising those who are interested concerning petitioning for a ballot line.

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"Despite the reality that the rich are becoming much richer while the middle class collapses and the number of Americans living in poverty is at an all-time high, the (TeaPubs) and their billionaire backers want more, more and more.  The class war continues
My (TeaPub) colleagues say that the deficits are a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  What these deficit-hawk (futhermuckers) won't talk about is Their spending. [...]  Federal revenue today, at 15.8 percent of GDP, is Lower today than it was 60 years ago." – Bernie Sanders (via Daily Kos).
We don't have a "spending problem."  We have a revenue problem. 

Welcome NY 21 Dems and Libs!  The 21st is HUGE - literally as big as Mass. and Conn. combined!  So, we have our work cut out for us.  If you know any buds of the progressive persuation that are interested in getting out of the barcolounger once or twice a month to help out please drag them here for the info they need!  Thanks!  Let's get this party started!

This project is all about expanding Dr. Dean's 50 State Strategy to all 200,000 U.S. Precincts, right down to the street corner level.  We won in 2012.  If we want to continue winning we need to get out of the barcolounger and into the precincts.  And we need to send real Dems and progressives to Albany to replace the Blue Dog yahoos that caucus with the red team.  Sick'n'tired of being sick'n'tired?  Let's get off of it and on with it!  My email is... and you can catch me most nights after 11pm Eastern at 315-779-4740, and Wed. and Sun. nights after midnight Eastern at 417-717-1454.  Welcome to the party!
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