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Here is the new community!  2 profiles per person, and only join/take a leadership position if you'll be active!

Guys, I'm thinking of remaking this community. Probably copy the info, edit it, and then delete this one. Anyone who cares, and will be active, join. I will post it when it's done.

karatena wanders the lands mapping them

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If you dont want to read the whole thing, basically Everlynne is being forced to find the person she must marry. (Breeze has arranged marriage that is either arranged at birth or 15. Its her 15th birthday.) She is avoiding it and escaped to the fields of Breeze for a bit.

The Land of Breeze. A Land that used to be so happy and joyful under Vayla, but now that has passed. Out of need and panic, now a young girl was in Vaylas old house. Sure, she was kind and peaceful as well, but she just wasn't the same. No, this girl was different. She was cursed and corrupted, and would never be normal. Not unless someone somehow would be able to teach her properly. She never stayed in the Land. She knew no one wanted her. No, they wanted Vayla. But today was different. Today, just this once, she was staying. Against her will, she was forced to wear a long, red dress and made to look as beautiful as possible. Today, she was going to be forced into finding the one she will have to marry. That's another thing that changed after Vayla left. Women are back to the way they were before. Nothing more than dust. They did all the work and are often beaten, raped, or even killed. Almost the whole adoption center consists of girls from being disowned. Just like her. She decided to go the field to escape for a bit.

OK. No one cared about about. That's fine. It really isn't, but ok. I have a new event in mind. One where YOU choose. It is a skill puzzle. But you already know the answers. It is a puzzle where there are different outcomes. Weapon, Magic, All Out, Death Battle. Death Battle means someone must die. Try to avoid auto hitting, as many people get annoyed by that. So you will tell me in the comments your entry and what outcome you want, and the event will resume accordingly.

karatena sits on the ground a black circle being the only thing separating her from the beasts of blood and gore, she reads a book chanting ((open))

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Name: Everlynne

Land: Breeze

Status: Leader

Powers: This is unknown, even to Everlynne. She has the basics, cloud travel, wind control, etc., but no one knows what Illusion abilities she has, and just how corrupted they are.

Age: 14, almost 15

Gender: Female

Bio: After Vayla died during the birth of Evan, the people were afraid. They had no one who could be the new Leader... Except Everlynne. Everlynne had been training under Vayla, attempting to help with the issues of Illusion. The plan was to find a way to make Everlynne the new Daughter Of Illusion, but Vayla had died before they could finish. Now Everlynne was stuck. She not only is now Leader of Breeze, but her powers have not fully developed and never will be, leaving her and her powers slightly unstable and corrupted. Side effects don't often show, but are: Hallucinations, sudden anger, sudden memory loss, and her powers to act against her will.

Note: Picture is her Illusion form (Appearance changes for 48 hours after using Illusion)

Markus is battling the Beasts of Blood and Gore, or Hemoglobs. His vampire side began to run wild with the amount of blood surrounding him.

Hey guys! I am resetting the event! 
The premise of this event is as follows:
All members will be transported to an island with separate cave entrances. Some entrances lead straight to the finish. Some entrances connect to different cave pathways, meaning a battle. And some paths just have a puzzle. The ones who make it out shall engage in a Battle Royale to find the winner! The reward? I am open to suggestions! Comment here if you'd like to participate.

Karatena(+Lyann Draca )

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karatena travels through the empty land of shadows what shall i do?
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