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2016 Wyoming School District Technology Directors Conference!!!

When:  12 - 13 Apr 2016
Where: Ramkota Hotel (
             800 N Poplar St
             Casper, WY 82601


Agenda: Coming Soon

Happy Friday everyone!

Just a reminder that the FY2017 E-rate window closes Thursday May 11, 2017 at 11:59 EST. Be sure you have certified all Form 471’s by this date. If you are in need of assistance please feel free to reach out.

Also, for those of you who are applying for Cat 2 services. Please be sure to review your draft and certified forms. Some are showing 0% discount and reflecting no funds requested on the certified Form 471. If this you see this please contact me immediately.

As always I am here to help so please feel free to contact me.

Have a great weekend!


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Recording Available for Today's E-rate Training

If you were unable to attend this morning's broadcast, "E-rate 101: Overview of the E-rate Program", you can watch the broadcast at the link below.
If you have questions about the E-rate training, use the following Form to submit a question.

Additional trainings are coming up Monday for an in-depth look at the portal and how to file your district e-rate claims. If you would like to register for those additional sessions, please do so at the form linked here:

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Good morning all,
The Wyoming Department of Enterprise Technology Services and the Wyoming Department of Education will be hosting three E-rate workshops. The focus of these workshops is to provide school districts with basic E-rate program information as well as more detailed step by step program process. Below you will find the schedule for the trainings that will be held at the Training Lab in the Rogers Building at 316 W 22nd St in Cheyenne. You are welcome to attend in person or via Youtube Live. The registration form for these trainings can be found attached to this message.

E-rate 101 presented by Clementina Jimenez March 30, 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. An overview of the USAC E-rate program and how it can help districts meet technology needs. Designed for district leadership, superintendents, and business managers.

E-rate Essentials I presented by Clementina Jimenez April 3, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. An in-depth look at the USAC E-rate program. This session walks participants through the program step-by-step, explaining timelines, eligible services, forms, and other relevant information. Designed for business managers and technology directors

E-rate Essentials II presented by Clementina Jimenez April 3, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Tutorial for the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) portal with hands-on training and guidance. Participants will either use the EPC training portal or navigate within their own district portal. Registrants for this workshop will receive credentials to access the EPC training portal. Designed for business managers and technology directors

Good morning,

Just a reminder the due date for updating school data within the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) portal is fast approaching. Tomorrow February 24th is the last day Districts can enter new schools, total enrollment, and NSLP data into the portal.

If you have not already done so please log into the portal and update this information. If your district is not planning on participating in the E-rate program this funding year please let me know today, February 23rd, so other steps can be taken to update this data.

I appreciate your attention to this important step in the E-rate application process. As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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Good morning all and happy Friday!

The FY2017 E-rate filing window was announced today. Please see the announcement below;

Now is the time to sign into the EPC portal and update your NSLP data, add new schools, etc. Please be sure to add in your non- instructional buildings as well, keeping in mind that some of your district aggregation points are your administrative, non- instructional, buildings. If you need assistance with adding new schools or non-instructional buildings please feel free to contact me or CSB.

Similar to last year, I will be unable to proceed with the States’ consortium application without each district signing into EPC and updating the NSLP data. I will be happy to assist you with this process; by walking you through the steps necessary to update your data.

As always if you need any assistance during the window or preparation please feel free to contact me.

Here’s to a successful filing window!

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In this week’s Schools and Libraries News Brief from USAC, there is some important information regarding updates to the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) profile data. The profile data consist of; contact details, discount information etc. Beginning in January USAC will migrate the approved FY2016 data to FY2017. This may have an effect on any data that you may have already updated. Below is a small excerpt from the News Brief. Please visit the following link to get the full details.
Starting in January 2017, USAC will migrate your approved FY2016 data (contact details, discount information) to your profile, making it easier for you to file accurate applications.
Here's what you can do now to prepare for the data migration:
• For the time being, applicants cannot update information in their profile. After the migration process is complete, you will be able to go in to your profile, review USAC's changes, and make any additional updates needed to begin the FY2017 application process.
• If you already made changes to your profile and updates were made in the PIA review process: USAC will contact you by email and phone to ask your permission to migrate the PIA updates. Please note: our updates will overwrite your changes if you agree.
• If you already made changes to your profile and there are no updates from PIA: No action is required. Your profile information will stay the same for FY2017.
• If you have not made changes to your profile but there are updates from PIA: No action is required. USAC will migrate the updates from PIA to your profile, which means you'll have the latest and most up-to-date information to start the FY2017 application process.

Hi Everyone. Is there anyone out there that uses a vendor by the name of SLD INTERIM?

So we took an upgrade from Lightspeed this summer.
After that services on the filter has crashed several times, faulting to unfiltered. Sometimes several times in a day.

The Student filter installation for Windows machines has been reinstalled twice the first version would lock up at random moments and block all internet access.

When staff access https pages they sometimes work, often they do not and we get a "Page Unavailable".
Sometimes students will inherit the staff filter.

Now we have a situation where two many requests to a blocked website will suspend the users access for about 15 minutes.

Is anyone else having these problems?

Are there other districts using a different kind of filtering product who would care to recommend it.


Hi Everyone. We don't have a visitor management system. We are looking at getting one. Does anyone out there LOVE their visitor management system or have ANY advise for me?
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