I say we try and get this place back alive again.


i've been here for the longest time without saying something, so hoi.

I do have minor depression and panic attacks, but that's not what I'm here to talk about, or why I'm here.

I've always wanted to help people when others aren't there, to help when others can't. Basically, I like helping others out of suicidal thoughts and lending a hand to those in depression.

I'm just here if you want to talk about anything in general. So if you want to talk, just send me a hangouts message or private post me and I'll be here!

peACE oUT,

Fellow mods, I'm thinking that we should create a category that has funny memes to cheer people up

I have a serious problem can anyone talk?

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Kind of important

I might leave but if I don't I won't be on most of the time I'm sorry if someone actually wants me here. Also sorry for when im not on and wasn't on. If I leave I will miss all of you. Please if any of you care about me try not to care about me leaving. Thanks to everyone that has helped through dark times and thanks to everyone that gave at least one fuck about me. Sorry also to those of you that just met me if I leave.... On my last day here if I leave soon I'm gonna say everything I wanted to say

I need advice right now
How am I supposed to avoid from starting depression?
I don't want to feel suicidal
I am one of those happy campers

"I need advice on how to talk to someone who is trying to avoid me."

I spent the last Two weeks kinda not knowing what was going on. Spaced out and upset, irritable and grouchy. I didn't want to get out of bed and falling asleep is hell. I walked around the house with a smile on my face and said I'm fine. Well. Last night I broke. I walked into the bathroom. I had a bottle of prescription pain killers. I sat crying for about idk..15 minutes. I opened the bottle and took out a handful...I was about to take them. Then because I guess i forgot to lock the bathroom door my brother walked in. he looked at me and instantly took my hand with me gripping the pills and made me drop them in the toilet. I sat crying and instead of yelling at me like he normally would when I messed up my brother hugged me...he sat beside me and hugged me. I honestly still feel like shit. I have thought about different ways to die. But every time I think about it. I think about why he hugged me..why he even bothered to care. He has never seemed to really care about how I feel. So i guess that I'm holding on. I guess I'm gonna try to pull through this depression shit. I just know that for today...I'm still here.

How can I control my anger when I'm arguing with someone online/someone is insulting me online? :)

okay.... ummm. idk how to ask shit, but .. ya

so 4 a wail now i've been feeling depressed, idk what's going on i even took a few tests on the internet ant it said i was depressed. I always feel alone and at times i feel like i'm just not meant 2 be here, i've been having suicidal thought's 4 a wail, ik i'm not going 2 do anything cause i'm not like that. i cry at the most random times, mostly when i'm alone and every time i do i feel like i can't breath.... ya know, something between someone choking me and something being in my throat. the only thing that calms me down is my music and water. i already know it got from bad 2 worse cause i don't feel like eating at all, sometimes i force myself 2 eat but the other time i just can't. i threw up a few times after i ate 3 times in one day so ik it got bad and all but does this count as starving myself? cause there's not much 2 eat anyways so i don't feel like eating at all, even tho i love food. i barely talk 2 anyone outside of school so i could literally pass 4 mute. so what do i do? why do i feel like i can't breath most of the time? why do i feel like no one understands me, but i know some ppl do? why do i feel like i don't want 2 eat? and what the fuck is wrong with me?
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