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What I have to make my our profile

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Name: Black

Age: 19

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Appearance: blue jacket and black pants. Often seen with his red hat.

Personality: quite intellect but acts hasty if pressured. To ofen clear his mind. He has mushara eat his dreams and such. This often disorientates him but his mind is clear and he soom turns back to normal. When not in battle he is relaxed and a bit laid back

Bio: (going as a playable character in white version going onto the black 2 story line where he is 'missing')

Pokemon team: surperior (female) mienshao (female) elecktross (male) mushara (male) Krokodile (male) Zekrom

Status: unova savior. Hero. Unova champion.

Kinks: enjoys seeing lopunny suits or skitty costumes which girls wear.
Ass wiggling turns him on.

Dislikes: bsdm. Piss and such.

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