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Group Profile
Name: The Perfectors AKA The Knight Of Boss.

Members: Sightshot, Broker, Hatter, Happy, and Scarecrow.

Occupation: Mercenaries.


Name: Lynda Ferry, AKA Sightshot.

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Race: Weasel

Appearance: Picture 1: Yellow fur, Veteran army shirt and jeans, A red eyesight glass on her right eye.

Personality: Serious, Cares about the mission and just wants it done. She can crack a joke here or there. Otherwise, she's a "Deadeye".

Weapons: Sniper Rifle, SMG, Knife, and sometimes a Tomahawk.

Ability: Lynda has this ability she can stop time for 10 Seconds (Takes 12 hours to recharge), giving her a chance to perfect a shot, or save someone in danger.

Skills: knows martial arts, has an incredible eyesight and speed.

Weakness: Fire.

Biography: Lynda Ferry was a Sniper in the army and the most skilled of them all. But she was kicked due to her accidentally shooting a Civilian dead.

After that she moved to Ravenberg In pursuit of a job. When Scarecrow came to her, he/she gave her an opportunity to become what she was before.
She accepted and joined The K.O.B. where she met Scarecrow and Hatter. The first two members of the squad, and later.


Name: Francis Chrome AKA Broker.

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Race: Bear

Appearance: Picture 2: Big brown furred with a metal Torso and arms, blue jeans.

Personality: Broker has a very Violent personality, he sees himself as a gangster, but really he's not that smart. He's the brute. He's loyal to his mission, but usually questions a lot.

Weapons: Fists, Minigun.

Ability: Unnatural Strength.

Skills: jogging.

Weakness: Cold

Biography: about 8 years ago, Francis was a street wrestler. Fighting for the dirtiest money, and always winning. But one night, when he was rigged to lose, but beat the opponent to a pulp, he was banished from the job. They broke his left arm, and cut the right one off. He almost died, but pulled through. When he was in the hospital, he was approached by a white rabbit in a Hatter outfit, who told him he could get a new arm, and chest. Francis obviously said yes. And was given his signature ademantium chest and arms. He worked with the K.O.B for a long time, but parted in pursuit of the people who ruined his career...but He's back.


Name: Walter T Hobbs, AKA Hatter

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Race: White Rabbit

Appearance: Picture 3: Greyish rabbit wearing a green duster and hat.

Personality: By far the most intellectual of the group. He is intelligent, but a rude alcoholic, with a creepy sense of humor, and might just be completely bonkers.

Weapons: A handgun, Baton, Sticky bombs

Ability: Walter was in touch with a lot of radiation when he was little, and has gained the ability to see through walls. + Superhuman intelligence. + unnaturally high jumping skills (Cause he's a rabbit)

Skills: he's the best Politician in Ravenberg, and is very deceiving. He's great at making people choose his side.

Weakness: Booze, Drugs, Hookers.

Biography: Walter Hobbs is the last decendant of the Hobbs Family, the richest family in Ravenberg. Walter was very happy, at least he pretended so. At age 12, Walter ran away from his family, and moved into a little shack near a chemical plant. He got a job as a truck driver, and managed to keep himself alive.

When he turned 18, he went back to his family home, but something was wrong. There was no one there, not a single soul, just a run down mansion...and a note. The note was old, had alot of dust on it. It read.

"Dear Son. I don't know how to get you back, but as you must be reading this, I guess you are. But it's too late. Me and your mother couldn't take the wait, so we have decided to run away, just like you did. In this envelope is our family seal, keep it, and make sure it's safe. Don't look for us, don't ever, do such a thing EVER again.
I love you son. Dad"

Walter was devestated. Not because they were gone, but because he wanted to see them beg for him to come back. Sad.

Later that day he went to a pub. "The Twisted Minds". Here he met a brown and black furred hedgehog, with a robotic eye, Scarecrow. They talked for a long time, and after only 20 minutes, they were already best friends. They loved being around each other, and committed multiple crimes together.

They really loved each other, but Walter took that a little seriously. Suddenly, they began sleeping with each other, and cuddling. They held hands, and even kissed now and then. Yes, Walter and Julian, were a cute couple. I really can't express how much they loved each other, but I can tell how it faded. When Scarecrow was 28, and began seeing Aurora (and impregnating her), Walter and Julian were still together. Julian had a choise to make. Walter or Aurora. He eventually chose Aurora, and broke up with Walt. They remained friends, but didn't talk for 5 years. As Walter saw Scarecrow get together with Aurora, he began growing an inner hatred for her. He began going on stalker walks, trying to find out her game. He eventually found out she was cheating on everybody, and saw it as an opportunity to win Julian back, but he wasn't interested, not even after Aurora left.

This is where Walt became an alcoholic, and discovered his love for booze, drugs, and Hookers, lots and lots of Hookers, which really was the benefit of being bisexual.

After 4 years of depression, Scarecrow came back, and they started talking. They saw it best to remain friends, but not boyfriends.

As time went on, they formed "The Perfectors" and earned millions doing jobs for people, as Mercenaries. The group died off for time, but they have gathered again, and are ready to fuck shit up.

Currently, they all hang out at their own bar, "THE VICIOUS SEA". And have a great friendship. But Walter still has feelings for Scarecrow, and he won't give up the love of his life.
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Name: Nick Walker And Cyber Nick.

Age: 20(Nick) and 46(Cyber Nick)

Abilities: Ripper Mode And dash slash

Weapon: VT 7 high fequancy blade.

Job: Assassin.

Song: my demons-starset.

Bio: we are a cyborg ninjas from the future we kill everyone who dares stand in our way.


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Light gets to +Jersyl Ravencroff Crow The Hedgehog's tower as she wants to be his slave
Light: heh so he is here good
(for +Jersyl Ravencroff Crow The Hedgehog)  

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Luke was kidnapped by some unknown men as they start to test on him
Luke: w...who the hell are you
???: i an cyber shadow and i will make you join us so you can make chaos
Luke: No! i was made to keep chaos at bay not make it
(open for all)
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Luke sees a unknown assassin making chaos by killing people who have the most money
Luke: this guy i have to stop him ot her
(open for all)
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On behalf of +Chato Santana

"They I stick out like a sore thumb, with dragons and gods, hell, even fairies walking around. Doesn't help that I may very well be the only human for miles, but this place still needs cleaning up, and I'm just the one to do it."

Name: Laura Hen.

Nickname: Swan.

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Caucasian human.

Height: 5'8

Weight: 110 lbs.

Appearance: Laura is relatively tall and lanky, with tanned skin and light, brunette hair with traces of blonde. She often dresses formally and traditionally, wearing a long tan trench coat that reaches down to her ankles and a fedora. Underneath that she wears a white formal shirt tucked into long dress pants with dress shoes underneath that.

Personality: As a detective, Laura is inquisitive and seldom overlooks any detail, big or small. She's resourceful, intelligent, and straight to the point. She earned her nickname, Swan, from her ability to rapidly bounce about various places like a bird, physically and mentally.

Weapons: Laura carries a futuristic-looking energy pistol in her hip holster. It fires concentrated beam blasts, enough to cause third-degree burns and seriously injure or incapacitate the target, and is very rarely used lethally.

Skills: Keen detective skills, skilled martial artist and marksman.

Bio: Where Laura came from is known by few. Even her closest acquaintances only know a bit. It's a dirty, industrial city where corruption was as rampant as crime. At an early age, her parents were taken from her by an alleyway mugger. At an early age, she bore the responsibility of vengeance. As she grew up in various foster homes and orphanages, she both taught herself and learned martial as well as marksmanship and detective work- everything she would need to find her parents' murderer, and more.

The arrest was her first. Over time she made more and more, stopping more crime in a year than the police force stopped in its entire existence. Eventually, she was forced to flee the country, after multiple failed attempts on her life by the mob. How she ended up here, she has not told a soul. She works freelance here, taking cases in exchange for money.

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Of the Coast of Ravenberg Lies the remote Island of Cainstown penitentary. The only connection it has to the mainland is a bridge. In the prison Lie over 500 criminals, one of them is Scarecrow.

its late...its soon time for the prisoners to return to their cell, when suddenly a prison bus arrives...Scarecrow is in the courtyard where prisoners are right now, they walk up to the fence to see the New inmates

This is where You come in...

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"This place seems different than Shadowlands... I mean, Look at this... Its.. almost like some kind of.. a Industry or something..."

Name: Alfa

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Mobian

Sexuality: ???

Powers: Chaos Emerald and Thunder Element.

Weaknesses: Usually gets sleepy from sleeping lately.

Weapons: Thunder Blade and Crossbow (Hunter 16x Scope and 3 Kinds of Arrows. Explosive, Flammable and Toxic.)

Resistance: Thunder (He can absorb it.)

"After years of living in Shadowlands (*) He traveled to Ravenberg for an Expedition. He'll go there by flying for about 2 Days. And so, He reached Ravenberg. He was amused a little that it's scale that size is an Industrial Scale. And so... The Expedition.. Begins."

P.S "If you dont know Shadowlands, Check out Mobius: Tales of Shadowlands communitty."
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Luke evolved
the man called Luke got up from a long sleep in a pod as he sees that he haves shadow gear on him
Luke: this gear who gave me it Jersyl or the boss
as his code starts to be updated he sees the man who gave him the shadow gear
(open for all and +Jersyl Ravencroff Crow The Hedgehog
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