There is something I wish I could do, overlay the Intel map for ingress to Google map. I think that would help everyone out

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Geocaching ingress loot just became an option.
v1.49.0 is rolling out to all Agents via Google Play and includes an updated AGENT profile and Agent position arrow. Additionally, +Visur Technology announced earlier today that their Capsule technology is now live.

Rare Capsules can hold up to 100 items, which count towards your Inventory. Capsules are reusable, and marked with a unique ID. At this time, Capsules can only be obtained via passcodes.

Create an original design and submit it to the #IngressWear Design Competition at We will reshare our favorite submissions, then deliver a passcode via private post.
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Hello guys, i'm trying to write a glyph message and i need the glyph for "Yet", it's correct to use the glyph for "Now"? or there is a best glyph for that? Thank you a lot!

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Get it here first!

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Received this in one of my cross faction groups and thought it appropriate to share here. All of this is relevant and some areas are better than others in cooperation and gamesmanship.

The bottom line is, all of us that play this "game" are hooked on it, regardless of affiliation. And both sides need each other in order to make it fun for all. That is, until those dreaded third - faction freakazoids show up. Then it's every agent for themselves.

Thanks to +Maya Davis for the link!
On Ingress, Enmity and Group Dynamics: Love thy Enemy
It is a game. Let’s state that again. A game that has got me, and many of you, hooked for quite some time now.

One of the most interesting aspects of this game, for me at least, lies in its social aspect. Of course, you can go out there by yourself and play alone, but the interaction with other players is what makes it so much more fun.

This interaction with other players, in the streets, is also what differentiates the game from most other computer games. You have probably met a lot of members of your own faction in person and your “enemy” is not just that virtual avatar bunny-hopping on your screen. Real people. 

And since this game gets more real than most other computer games, more of our human psychology seems to come in play here, or becomes more visible at least.
Focusing on enemy perception and group dynamics, this paper ( ) will give you some excellent insights on the psychology at work here. 

How we perceive our “enemy”, how we talk about them and how we perceive our own actions, for instance. “Our glorious plan worked out just as we intended”, opposed to “they were so lucky with making that big control field”. Interesting to see how much of this behavior is going on in our Ingress world.

Now, since the writer of this paper can articulate these principles a lot better than I can, I quoted some of them below. I didn’t quote all the points that are made, but they are the 5 first arguments. If you are not interested in reading the whole paper (also containing an experiment which involves a green and a blue team, how convenient ), these 5 points should already give you enough food for thought:

Yes, the old Double Standard. The process whereby “people use a different yardstick to judge the enemy's actions or to assess enemy motivations than they use for themselves or for allies.”

“In other words when the enemy is acting peacefully, it is because it is forced to do so by external circumstances and not by its own choice. When it acts aggressively, it is due to personal choice or characteristic behavior.”

“As most people are likely to perceive an enemy as more dangerous and more hostile than they really are, they are also more likely to expect the enemy to act more aggressively and violently than can be assumed from the available facts.”

“Both sides felt that: 1) the other was the aggressor; 2) the other's government exploited and deluded its people; 3) the majority of the people were essentially good and were not sympathetic to the government's deceitful leadership; 4) the other government should never be trusted -- they have hidden, sneaky and secretive ways to go about their plots; and 5) their policy verges on madness, while ours is, of course, rational and humane.”

“They focus on negative aspects and actions and retain critical comments about their enemies more easily than they remember positive statements.”
Fascinating stuff.

P.s. more articles on Psychology and Video games at

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Is there any way that Niantic could be convinced to fix the Compass in our scanners? Other apps on my phone are able to at least not have the compass spin wildly while I'm standing still... Pointing to North would of course be nice, too...

Could we please get some way to calibrate the compass?!?

We got any "trainers" for decoding?  Someone to maybe chat with and work with on the next piece to be solved?

Where do I start? I know absolutely nothing about anything that anybody is talking about, as far as "decoding" just started playing and want to learn

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Anyone know why there is such a concentration of XM without a portal?

Does anyone know if the sublevel of a portal makes a difference with hacking results? For example, a 7.1 vs 7.5.
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