sell castle p2 kd 475
$ 200

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Level 29
Lord 41
Kingdom 1093
In the first Union
Union leader is king
Power 6.560.000
with discount 🙌
To contact me:» telegram ID : @Mr_alon_s14


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Troco castelo p1 no reino 296 por um castelo em reinos mais novos !!!

Troco castelo p2 no cok beta por um castelo 20+ no cok original

Hello friends does anyone play in the 699 realm and want to trade your castle?

Hello my friends, I want to exchange my castle 29 and 26 !! I'm accepting proposals :)

Hello friends, I have a castle of great level "29", to exchange someone is interested?

Hello brother I have a castle p2, 29 and 24 to exchange! someone wants?

Olá alguém do reino 699 que tem um castelo 25+ , eu dou um castelo 28 ,25 e um 16 , pelo castelo no reino 699😅

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