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I just posted in our "Dreaming With Entrepreneurs in Google+" Community, explaining my "July absence".

Included in the posting was an announcement of my second video book--"Marketing/Sales Case Studies".  If you would like to participate in the book, please message me directly or send an email to

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ESSENS is a project focusing on beauty in all its forms – beauty, hygiene and health of the body, beauty and a clean attitude to business and lifestyle, the magic of developing the personality and the hidden potential of everyone of us. With ESSENS you will be pampered by the best professionals in the field who will assist you in gaining new skills and will act as guides on your journey…

Essens Europe
Essens ID: 10001234

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To some Boomers, understanding Medicare and Medicare-related products such as Medicare Supplement plans can be confusing and overwhelming. With that in mind, we created an infographic that aims to provide simplified information that will help people understand Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) easily. We would like to know your thoughts and opinions about the infographic that we created, please leave a comment below the post. You can check it out here:

Thank you!

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There's a complete blogging regiment that most pro bloggers use regularly. And it works.

Want proof?

We use these techniques and have increased organic traffic by 255.64% with only a handful of blog posts in a few short months.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you exactly how we did it…step-by-step.

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2017 is a year that can prove to be one of your brightest, if you decide to make some necessary and life-changing decisions.

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VIVO Xplay5 Octa Core 4GB RAM+128GB ROM Full Metal Curved Edge 5.5″ inches Haste Fingerprint HIFI 16.0MP CAM 2560*1440
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(About two Marketing Masterminds)

I just listened to maybe, the most brilliant--certainly the most conceptual discussion of Marketing/Sales/Brand(ing) between +martin shervington and +David Amerland .  It will be available for maybe only 36 hours.  Make sure you hear Martin's comments about his "Equation Marketing Program".   David had not less than 50 "impactful" comments.---and of course, I heard the word "Trust" multiple times...
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