Isis is the zombies of the middle east and black people are the zombies of the hood, white people are the zombies of the internet

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Sam sat on the roof of the Military HQ and saw the red sunrise, then heard moaning from the distance. She saw hordes after hordes of zombie coming from the city streets, she pulled out her sniper rifle and peered through the Scope at the zombie hordes. (Please Comment Thank You :) )
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Name:Samantha "Sam"
Age : 16
What do you look like:Look at picture
Doctor Yes/No: No
Skills: Good Shooter, Good hand to hand combat, Good Aim, Great at assasination
Advantages in the Apocalypse: Been in the military for six years, good at fighting, Good with guns
Disadvantages: Not good at fighting at night, Mixed Emotions
Weapon of choice: Machete or Katana
What where you doing when the world went to crap.: Patrolling the military HQ
Family: No
Where are you trying to go to get away from the Zombies: Anywhere

What do you mean by "You must tell me to start a Survival Group" ?

1.Create a home base with plenty of weapons
2.Stock Pile food and water for long Periods of time.Canned foods are good
3.Be sure to create a strong entry and exit door, barricade all doors and windows
4.Trust no-one
5.Learn to make fire with everyday objects
6.Avoid all zombie body fluids
7.Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes
8.Stay fit and fast
9.Keep a large blunt object nearby and ready to swing at all times. A bat, crowbar, or sturdy tree limb
10.Decapitating a zombie is best but kind of gross, Key is to destroy the brain stem.
11.Stay clear of bushes and shrubbery
12.Learn to stagger, lumber, and drool. Make zombies think your one of them
13.Always check closets and under beds before relaxing in front of the television.
14.Set up booby traps as warnings and alerts
15.Try Putting Vaseline on doorknobs, zombies get frustrated
16.Always leave raw meat out in the open to distract zombies
17.Always wash your hands.
18.Check Backseats before buckling in
19.Avoid populated areas like shopping malls and movie theaters
20.A wounded zombie is not a dead zombie

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Name James
Age  16
Doctor No
Skills  Very good with swords, knives, any one and two handed weapon. Ex military Special forces. Very good with guns and rationing ammo.
Advantages in the Apocalypse I have a pickup truck, easy to get away from hoards. I have a stash of weapons in a safehouse along with ammunition.
 Disadvantages I dont make friends easily. I like to work alone.
Weapon of Choice I like three, a japanese sword my grandad gave me, an MK47 automatic grenade launcher, and an M4A1 assault rifle.
What was i doing when the apoc. started? I was exercising at my local gym when they started attacking. I ran to my truck to get my weapons.
Family Yes, i have a brother who lives a state away. Everyone else is dead.
Where was i going to get away? A secrete special military base in New York
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